A Comprehensive Guide on Alkaline Diet Plan


Ensuring the proper balance of your body's alkaline level is essential to maintain your overall health. It is also a healthy way of losing weight and can make you feel more energetic. However, choosing the right foods that will be a part of your alkalizing diet plan is quite daunting, which is why it is recommended to have a comprehensive guide on the foods that make the body alkaline to help you complete your grocery list.


Alkaline Diet Plan for Weight Loss


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People who follow a strict diet plan, starving themselves to death and punishing their body through a rigid exercise routine but not getting their desired result, may feel frustrated. The truth is, shedding your extra pounds can be relatively easy. One of the latest trends in weight loss would be the alkaline diet. Alkalizing diet plan can help you avoid health issues such as cancer and arthritis, apart from helping you lose weight. The concept of the alkaline diet plan for weight loss is centered on the fact that the food we ingest, such as processed food, refined sugar, wheat, and meat, will trigger our body's production of acid, which exposes our body to certain health risks.


Foods Included in Your Alkaline Diet Plan

 Alkaline Diet Plan

Many vegetables and fruits, including legumes, seeds, nuts, tofu, and soybeans, are common ingredients of the easy alkaline diet plan. They are foods that promote alkaline. Some foods are more inclined in the acidic side, such as convenience foods, package snacks, canned foods, processed foods, grains, meat, eggs, and dairy products which are not allowed in this kind of diet. There are also books available about the benefits and the foods that promote alkalinity, and they specify that caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.


Understanding the Easy Alkaline Diet Plan

 Alkaline soup


Choosing non-acidic sustenance can help you in numerous ways. Aside from using an alkaline diet plan, you may notice that the episodes of your headaches, anxiety, and stress will be massively reduced. This is due to the increased production of serotonin and dopamine, also known as the feel-good hormone. Your overall mood will be significantly improved on your easy alkaline diet plan.


An alkaline diet plan is also ideal for highly acidic people. If you are experiencing heartburn, joint pains, kidney stones, receding gums, poor digestion, and UTI, you may want to cut out your acidic food intake. Foods that contain a high level of carbohydrates and sugar can trigger numerous health conditions. Alkalizing does not only help us in breaking down the excess fats, but it also supports us in maintaining our overall health and improving our mood.


Can Alkaline Diet Plan Treat Cancer?

 Alkaline Diet Plan

Numerous studies prove how foods can be related to the prevention and treatment of cancer. If your diet can cause cancer, experts believe that it also can revert your condition. Some foods that are believed to increase the risk of acquiring cancer include processed food, refined sugar, and dairy and meat products. They are all considered sustenance that can increase the acidity in our body. Cancer is a metabolic and systemic disease resulting from elevated toxin, nutrient deficiency, and low pH levels. To help us normalize the body's acidity, we should have a steady supply of high alkaline foods. Starting an alkaline diet plan would serve as our best defense against cancer development.


Alkaline Diet Plan and Cancer


Our body's pH level is generally measured at a range of 0-14 (0 the most acidic). To make sure that oxygen circulation will be optimized, we need to maintain the desired level of pH, which is just about 7.35. Although our body is storing an excessive amount of alkaline to mitigate the acidity in our body, eating a diet high in processed food and pesticide can easily deplete that stored alkaline.



Based on the book of Keiichi Morishita, when our pH level gets a bit acidic, these acid substances will be transported to our cells. It will allow us to return to the normal pH, but unfortunately, the cells will start to become acidic, which can trigger cancer development. There are instances when the cell will die, but normally, they will become abnormal cells that find it hard to correspond to the DNA code. They became malignant, and they started to grow.


Alkaline Diet Plan Against Cancer

 Alkaline Diet Plan

Further study shows that increasing the acidity of our cells, especially on cancer patients, will strain the normal cells, resulting in tremendous pain. The proper way to address this condition is through a high alkaline diet. It will eliminate the acidosis in our cells and increase the pH level of the cancerous cells beyond the 7.5 average. This can be accomplished with an optimized alkaline diet plan.

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Medical practitioners, nutritionists, and other experts agreed that altering the cancer patient's diet would be beneficial. The principle behind this idea is fairly simple. According to them, the metabolism of the cancerous cells has a very minimum tolerance over pH. If you can successfully interfere with their metabolism (either by increasing or decreasing their pH), you will mitigate the growth of the cancer cells.


However, whether you are diagnosed with cancer or not, an alkaline diet plan provides many benefits. Generally, the experts recommend that your meal contain 80% of alkaline foods and 20% are acidic. Try to increase your consumption of alkaline foods by eating green and leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, peas, cabbage, cauliflowers, broccoli, and others.

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