Complete Guide on the Best Fertility Treatment


There are fertility problems that can be treated easily with fertility drugs, while others need a more advanced and complex procedure. In most cases, especially when women reach the age of 35, the possibility of conceiving drops. The best fertility treatment intended for women will depend on the cause of their infertility. Some common causes of infertility among women are ovulation problems, damaged or blocked tubes, endometriosis, and hormonal imbalance. However, there are also instances when the fertility clinic won't determine the root cause. 


Best Fertility Treatment Options


How to Get Pregnant

If the initial treatment does not produce a desirable result, it is time for them to try ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology. It involves all types of treatments wherein the eggs will be removed surgically from the female's ovary and combined with the male's sperm in a laboratory.


In Vitro Fertilization

 Best Fertility Treatment

IVF clinic is known as the most common type of assisted fertilization. During this treatment, the eggs will be put in the uterus. A single cycle of the IVF will take roughly two weeks. It is the most effective type of treatment. IVF can use your egg and your partner's sperm or from an anonymous donor. The success rate of undergoing this procedure depends on different factors like the root cause of your infertility and your age. The IVF is also a time-consuming procedure, minimally invasive, and expensive. 


ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)


This process is performed inside the lab of the fertility clinic. The doctor will inject the sperm directly into the egg. If the fertilization is successful, the attending physician will place the embryo in the uterus.


Fertility Clinic

 Best Fertility Treatment

Fertility clinics are not commonly available in different parts of the country, particularly in rural areas. Typically, you will need to travel to receive the best fertility treatment.   If you are looking at the clinic's success rate, you should also be aware that the more complex type of treatment can be significantly lower. It means that a clinic with outstanding expertise can have a lower success rate.


The success rate of the IVF process can be affected by different factors such as the experience, skills of the doctors, and the primary cause of your infertility. If you are reviewing the fertility clinic's success rate, understand that the birth rate will be considerably lower than the rate of ovulation and pregnancy. The chances of miscarriage will increase as women reach the age of 35. Chronic conditions may also contribute to the risk of miscarriage. With the different advancements in technology in medicine, couples with infertility problems should never give up. With the proper treatment and the best fertility treatment, there is a possibility of increasing your chance of getting pregnant.


The Best Fertility Treatments

 How to Get Pregnant

According to the study of CDC (Centre for Disease Control), at least 12% of the population is considered infertile. It is a staggering number that should be taken seriously. Moreover, infertility problems can take a toll on an individual's emotional health. Fortunately, the field of medicine is in continuous progress; this gives you the chance to still be pregnant despite being infertile. Based on the research of NIH, about 50% of infertile couples will become pregnant after getting the best fertility treatments.


List of Best Fertility Treatments and Their Success Rate


The treatment available for you will significantly vary depending on the root cause of your infertility. During the initial consultation, the doctor may recommend a less invasive procedure. Advanced treatments such as IVF or In-Vitro-Fertilization have shown a fantastic result, and the success rate is continuously increasing. However, the process can be pretty complex, and it is also expensive.    The right type of treatment for you will depend upon the quality of sperm, the length of your infertility problem, age, and the cause of infertility.


Here are some of the best fertility treatments, from the non-surgical to the surgical options.

 How to Get Pregnant

·         Fertility Drugs- If the cause of infertility is hormonal imbalance, the doctor may prescribe fertility drugs. Fertility drugs can normalize your hormone and put your reproductive system in good condition.


·         IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) - There are also instances when the sperm will need to be directed to the fertilized egg. Having the concentrated number of sperm placed in the fallopian tube or womb will help trigger the fertilization. It is the best fertility treatment if the sperm of your spouse can't pass through the cervical mucus. There are also instances when sperm donors are needed for this procedure.

 How to Get Pregnant

·         Surgical Procedure- Individuals with ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and blocked tubes can cause infertility. This condition can be addressed through a surgical procedure. However, in cases where you have been diagnosed with endometriosis or blocked tubes, IVF would be the ideal treatment option.


·         Assisted Conception- In this option, fertility drugs will be combined with more advanced treatment options like egg collection. Some of the known assisted conception procedure includes donated eggs, donated sperm, ICSI and In-Vitro-Fertilization.


The success will be contingent upon the underlying cause of your condition as well as your age. For those below 35, the chance of conceiving with the help of the best fertility treatment is relatively high, and it will drop drastically once you reach the age of 35 and above. You should also remain mentally prepared when taking this journey. It is an emotionally draining experience that may bring you a series of hopes and disappointments.

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