Choosing the Right Window Privacy Film for Office


With a vast selection in today's market, choosing the proper commercial window film can be a daunting experience. It is just too easy to be overwhelmed by the different types of film and their level of performance. A professional and qualified dealer can point you to the right solution for your offices.   They will first identify your particular needs. They will help you identify your reasons for buying window privacy film for office. Are you planning to use the film for exterior business signs or aesthetic purposes; perhaps you want to reduce the glaring or the solar heat? Regardless of your reason for buying film, it is essential to understand your different options in the market.


What Are the Different Window Privacy Film for Office?


privacy film for glass windows

There are different window privacy film for office to choose from that can help you achieve your goal. The right dealer will help you select the suitable option for your business. Here are some of the films that you need to consider. We also added some information that will help in your decision-making process. Be sure that your chosen dealer or supplier is offering these selections.


Daylight Natural


The Daylight Natural window privacy film for office provides a low-light reflectivity that makes it ideal for meeting rooms and business establishments. They create a neutral and soft look that perfectly blends with the establishment's interior design and maintains the window's natural beauty. This feature of the Daylight natural also makes them ideal for exterior business signs. It could be a good option if the sunset is directly hitting your office window. It creates that soft lighting touch that will be pleasant to your eyes.


Sunset Bronze


This type of film provides a copper and warm look that can complement your business's mountain and country ambiance. It is a metallic film that provides a high level of heat rejection and decreases the amount of glaring. If you want to have an idea about the effect of this window privacy film for office, take a photo of the office space. Use photo editing software to decrease the exposure to -4.0 and increase the temp to +6.0. It will provide the picture with natural lighting and help you decide if it perfectly fits your office.



Solar Silver

 privacy film for glass windows

It is a modern window film commonly used in offices and business establishments. It contains high light reflectivity, UV rejection, and heat reduction.   This is ideal for long-term installation and will help you save energy by maintaining the optimum temperature inside the establishment. If you need a window privacy film for office that reduces the glaring and helps you manage your energy consumption, this could be your solution.


Scenic View


This type of window film can be used for aesthetic purposes but may not be ideal for exterior business signs. It has the most elevated glare and heat rejection properties and low light reflectivity, creating the finest day or night views.



 privacy film for glass windows

It is a hybrid form of privacy film that you can introduce to your offices. It combines aluminum and charcoal-dyed surface, which provide their unparalleled reflectivity and heat-rejection capacity.


When choosing the right window privacy film for office or meetings rooms, you should consider the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), Shading coefficient, light transmittance, and solar transmission. You need to have extensive knowledge to make an informed choice on privacy window film.   For additional information, keep posted here at Croonicle.

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