Best Things to Do in Madrid


Madrid is a large European city that can offer tourists an authentic Spanish experience. There are virtually many things to do in Madrid and places to see. You can shop for an original local product at the Mercado San Miguel located at the busy street of Plaza Mayor or the El Rastro Market. If you want to taste the local cuisine, you can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of their tapas at El Tigre, situated near the area of Chueca. Here are more of the things that you should enjoy doing in Madrid.


Top 5 Things to Do in Madrid

If this is your first time visiting the city, you can look at our list of best things to do in Madrid to serve as your guide. We can guarantee that this place will provide you memorable and remarkable experience that other cities can’t.



Visit Museo Del Prado

 Museo del Prado

It is without a doubt that Museo Del Prado is one of the premier galleries worldwide. Housing more than 7,000 arts, the Museo del Prado will surely give you a peek at the history of European Arts. You need to spend ample time inside the Prado or arrange consecutive visits to fully appreciate the enormous amount of artwork stored in this art gallery. It is definitely one of the Madrid attractions that you shouldn’t miss.


Marvel around Plaza De Mayor

 Plaza de Mayor

Plaza de Mayor is the impressive central plaza in Madrid. It is considered one of the most grandiose openings in whole Spain. If you are looking for what to do in Madrid, experiencing the vibrant life in the city square and admiring the state of the art architecture that is a mix of both modern and historical structure would be a great thing to do.


Look for the Unusual Places

 calle dela cava baja

If you are so tired of the mainstream things to do in Madrid, why not settle for the unconventional attractions? Taberna Matritum would be a more recommended place to visit than the famous Calle de la Cava Baja. Some of the menu that you can enjoy in this place includes the winter calcots, cocido croquettes, and their fantastic line of salads and tapas.



Enjoy the El Retiro Garden

 Things to Do in Madrid

The El Retiro Garden is comparable to the majestic structure you will find in any European City, accentuated with the stunning design, magnificent marbled monument, and expansive landscaped lawns. During the weekdays, you will definitely appreciate the serene and calm nature of the park, but the weekend is the perfect day to see the Madrid attractions in a whole new light. The park will suddenly come to life during the weekend.


Palacio Real

 Things to Do in Madrid

Palacio Real is lavish and a gem of the country. The place is utilized for an occasional ceremony, but there are guided tours all over the place. The official Spain tour will direct you to the 50 rooms inside the Palacio Real. Experience walking in the grand stairway that perfectly exudes the definition of imperial power. Visiting the Palacio real is indeed one of the best things to do in Madrid.

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