Best Things to do in Bologna



Bologna is not a city that most people consider when traveling since they are enamored by nearby cities such as Venice, Florence, and Rome. It is a perfect destination for people who want a unique gastronomic experience. Known as the largest city in the region of Emilia Romagna, Bologna is one of the most prolific producers of prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. In addition, Bologna is also considered a university town. It is the location of the oldest university in Italy. Compared to the other Italian cities, there are different things to do in Bologna that are inexpensive.


What to do in Bologna


Bologna is known locally as the La Rossa (the red) due to its unique brownish-red rooftops. It is an old city so you should expect old cathedrals and structures. It is also a progressive city that highlights contemporary art exhibits. There is definitely no shortage of things to do in Bologna. Here are some of them.


Piazza Maggiore

 Things to Do in Bologna

Piazza is located at the heart of the city. Different things are going on in this part of Bologna. Sometimes, there are movies that are being shown in this plaza; it is also a favorite location of art fairs. Take the main street to reach this location, where you will encounter the renowned Neptune Fountain. Aside from that, the Piazza Maggiore is where you will find the San Petronio’s Basilica. It is a unique religious structure where the bottom part has a shade of pink, and the remaining portion of the structure is made from brick. It was once regarded as the largest church until the funds for its construction suddenly disappeared.


Collegio di Spagna


From an early age, students from all over the continent go to Bologna to study. This structure that was founded in the year 1365 still exists these days. The walls of this old structure bear the name of different lecturers, students, and rectors. It is definitely one of the things to do in Bologna if you want to take a glimpse at the deep history of the region.


Santo Stefano


The Piazza is known as the most romantic place in the city. Compared to the Plaza Maggiore, which is the city's main plaza, Santo Stefano is a lot smaller. However, this plaza's intimate and evocative ambiance makes it a perfect destination for couples.


Stroll Along the Streets of Quadrilatero

 Place to visit in Bologna

The Quadrilatero is a medieval street filled with old shops that offer different types of delicacies. It is where you can find the world-famed Bolognese. There are also various local specialties that you need to take home, such as ragu, mortadella, and manually made pasta. Wine tasting is undoubtedly one of the things to do in Bologna that will excite your taste buds. Take a sip of their locally produced wine like Sangiovese, Lambrusco, and Pignoletto.


Before your day ends, make sure to have a taste of aperitivo offered by different bars found in the city. One of the things to do in Bologna is to have access to the huge selection of buffets that is truly mouth-watering.

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