Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage in Green Buildings


Over the past few months, energy storage has received a great deal of attention in the market. However, thermal energy is no longer new; it has been applied for more than two decades. 

It has been introduced on various green buildings where many of them are used in air-conditioning spaces and cooling storage. Thermal energy solutions are generally chiller-based systems where the equipment can generate chilled water or ice during nighttimes. 

This article will enumerate the different benefits of thermal energy storage in developing a green economy.


Creating Smart Cities: The Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage


Renewable energy

Hopefully, the benefits listed in this article will convince you that thermal energy storage is the right solution for you. As more commercial establishments become interested in this cleaner solution, we will create greener cities worldwide.


Reduce the Cost


Today, off-peak electricity is considered the standard of the energy market. While the cost can vary depending on different factors, the average cost of night-time electricity is around4-5cents/kWh. 

The demand charges will make the cost of the on-peak type of electricity considerably higher. The demand charges will not be detailed on your monthly utility bill, but you are indeed paying for the peak demand of your building. 

Furthermore, the demand charges will often be unsteady throughout the year. Thanks to the benefits of thermal energy storage, you will be able to reduce and even eradicate your premium demand charge.


Green Buildings Certification

 Clean world

Multiple studies show that the buildings that come with 'green buildings' certification will enjoy a range of enhancements in terms of their value. 

Some of these enhancements will lead to a reduction in operating cost, improved productivity, higher occupancy rate, and better resale value. There are also different rewards for becoming a green business. 

Various states such as Southern California and Florida offer incentives to homeowners and establishments to those who will choose energy-efficient technologies.


Grid Resiliency

 Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage in Green Buildings

Ensuring the power grid's stability is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of thermal energy storage

This innovation has played an essential role in enhancing the grid's reliability and resiliency, especially when choosing a solar installation. During the 70s, the amount of load handled by the utility grid was at least 70%; eventually, that load was reduced to 50%. 

These days, around half of the grid generates energy will be reserved and used when there is a higher demand. The thermal energy solution has supported the reduction of electric consumption and improved the grid reliability for green buildings.


Finally, one of the critical benefits of thermal energy storage is the reduced environmental impact. It will significantly reduce the dependence of the industry on fossil fuels. Different smart cities worldwide generate an average of 1.7GW, which is a clear sign that the benefits of this system are being recognized and used by various industries all over the world. 

Slowly, people are starting to realize the advantage of choosing a cleaner solution like thermal energy storage. However, it should not stop there; the government should support any initiative to encourage their people to choose a better solution.

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