Amazing Things to Do in Tainan


Not a lot of people are familiar with this hidden gem. Most of the time, tourists prefer choosing Shifen, Jiufen, or the capital city. Tainan is a city located in the southern area of the country that is known for its rustic charm. It offers incredible things to do in Tainan that invite you to stay longer. It is the perfect alternative for your long weekend vacation.


Tainan Attractions That You Should Visit


Things to Do in Tainan

Tainan, the ancient city of Taipei, is packed with historical places and important cultural artifacts. It is filled with more than 100 monasteries and temples and 40 Catholic and Christian churches. It is the 5th biggest city that offers endless things to do in Tainan.


Discover the Anping District


Taipei is undoubtedly the heart of the country, but Tainan is known as the soul of the nation. It has a history of being colonized by Dutch and is filled with remnants reminding you of its exciting past. To immerse yourself fully and have an in-depth sight at the history of this city, one of the things to do in Tainan is to explore the Anping District. The old structures in this area are made from bricks, and the pestle was crafted from the combination of syrup, ashes, oyster, and glutinous rice. The Anping Fort and the Treehouse are some destinations that you shouldn’t miss.


Have a Feast at the Night Market

 Things to Do in Tainan

For individuals who want to satisfy their palate, one of the Tainan attractions you need to visit is the Dadong Night Market. Feast your eye on the huge collection of mouth-watering dishes offered by an extensive food stall. It is located at Linsen Street in the eastern district of Tainan; this place offers limitless opportunities to experience the luscious street delicacies of the city. From the satisfying taste of the stinky tofu to the oyster omelet, this place offers you a wide range of choices that will satisfy your cravings.



Explore Chi Mei Museum


Make this vacation extra wonderful by visiting the Chi Mei Museum. The place houses the largest collection of violins all over the world. These violins are loaned to special performances and expert musicians. It is one of the locations in Tainan known for the enormous group of taxidermy and medieval weapons exhibited in various parts of the globe. You will also enjoy the other galleries presented in this museum, such as the Auguste Rodin artworks and the Western gallery.


Buddha Museum

 Tainan attractions

For those who love seeing impressive architectural structures, one of the things to do in Tainan is to visit the Dashu District and see the massive Fo Guang Shan. This Buddha museum houses the relics of the prominent Buddhist personality, such as Sakyamuni Buddha. The structure is comprised of 8 pagodas and an extensive repository.


From the quaint street to the opulent museums, the Tainan attractions will prove to you that Taiwan is more than just its capital city. The things to do in Tainan are just as exciting and interesting as the activities offered in the northern cities.

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