A Short Guide about Keyword Research


Keyword Research is one of the most crucial parts of search engine marketing. The complex process starts when a person types a keyword on the search box and hits enter. Finding the right set of keywords and achieving a high SERP ranking is essential for the success of your business. By identifying the keyword demand of your market, you will not only classify the right set of keywords for your search engine optimization but also let you understand your audience's behavior. 


Understanding Keyword Research



Remember that it is not entirely about getting massive traffic; it is about getting visitors interested in your product. Your efforts will be for nothing if you can't capture the right set of audience. By executing Keyword Research you will be able to foresee the change in demand, quickly adapt to the changing condition, and create products that are high in demand. Here is a standard process of Keyword Research.


Identify the Value of Keyword


Before you utilize a particular keyword, you may want to know how essential it is to your website. In case you are running a website for shoes, will you be able to increase your sale if you utilize the keyword "black boots," "black leather shoes," or "black Italian shoes?" The keywords that your visitor uses are generally visible on different keyword tools. Unfortunately, it will not directly show its value. To identify the value of a distinct keyword, you need to answer some critical questions.


·         How relevant is it to my website?

·         Will they be able to find the things they are looking for?

·         Will they be contented with the things they find?

·         What is the chance of converting it to sales?

 Keyword Research


If you have a positive answer to those questions, then it is likely that your keyword is valuable. You also need to be aware of your competition. The best thing to know this is to go to the search engine site, type your keyword, and look for the link on the 1st page of the result. Ask yourself, will it be challenging to get a high SERP in this keyword? If it is, you may want to acquire a sample campaign for Google Adword.


Using Long Tail Keyword

 SEO Audit

When doing your Keyword Research, it is probably desirable to get a high ranking on a single keyword. Most of them are receiving a high amount of search traffic every day, but you also need to consider the competition for a particular keyword. According to statistics, the short keywords only attract 30% of the traffic while 70% belong to the long tail keyword. They also convert better compared with the shorter keywords. For instance, someone using the word "Computer" may just be researching homework about computers, and someone utilizing the keyword "buy iMac Retina Screen" is probably prepared to spend some cash.


Finally, the value and demand are just tiny portions of Keyword Research. You need to know that the work required plays a significant role in achieving a high SERP ranking.

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