Guide on Mobile App Development for Business


Different businesses are acknowledging the importance of a mobile application. In the latest analysis, mobile users have long surpassed the number of people browsing the net using their desktops. Experts said that those who browse using their mobile phones would continue to increase in the coming years. Mobile apps are the leading reason people use their smartphones with over 90%. Therefore, it only makes sense that your business considers the opportunity presented by mobile app development.


Ideas for Mobile App Development for the Business


Android Development Project

The figure above has prompted several companies to initiate a development project for their business. If you do not have an idea about the right mobile app development project designed for your business, here are our recommendations.


For The Real Estate Agent


The challenge for creating a mobile app is to develop something interesting together with the boring numbers in this industry. If you look at some of the most popular real estate mobile app development, you will notice similar factors, such as Mortgage Calculator. With a mortgage calculator, different homeowners will be able to ask for an assessment of the current value of their residential property. You may also add extra features, such as making a comparison chart between renting and buying. Be sure to add a real estate logo on your app to ensure that it will attract the right audience. The company logo  will also improve the branding of your app.


Country Club

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Some country clubs that offer golf courses have developed mobile apps that provide the user with a comprehensive map to navigate the different courses. During the mobile app development, you can also add a scorecard and audio files that guide the club member to the various location of the country club. Your app is a great way to reach out to your potential audiences, be sure to include a country club logo to avoid confusion. After seeing your brand logo, your audience will immediately associate this to your business.


Travel Company


Suppose you have a company that is associated with traveling. In that case, the first thing you have to consider is how you will integrate the rich experience of traveling with your mobile app development. The features you should include must be interactive, informative, and valuable. Add a calculator for the hotel expenses, restaurant, and transportation fare. Introduce a locator that allows the user to quickly find the bus stop and update data on restaurants and hotels. Design something they can take during their travel to solve their everyday worries and not just a tool for promoting your travel business. A travel app will never be complete without the travel logo. Be careful in choosing the color and the font style to ensure that the readaibility and the legibility of the logo will not be affected.



 Android Development Project

There are a lot of mobile apps designed for restaurants, but how will you be able to personalize it to reflect your business better? First, the mobile application should reflect your branding. Next, you need to add different features, such as online ordering, an online payment system, online reservation, an updated menu list, and special offers such as loyalty cards and coupon books. Restaurant logo also improves the efficacy of your app. By adding this in your application, people will immediately associate your app to a professional designer.


When designing mobile apps, you need to think about the function of a specific professional and develop an application that will handle the task of that distinct professional. It is one way to guarantee that your mobile app development will provide assistance and solution to your targeted market.

Tools for Mobile App Development


IOS development project

Those developing an app will know how daunting it is to format the application on diverse platforms. Every platform offers a unique function, behavior, capabilities, and features. However, different companies still highlight the need for various platforms because of the current demand for multi-platform applications. Every mobile app consulting agency needs to find a more convenient and affordable way to create multiple platform apps. Here are some functional mobile app development tools that you can use to format mobile apps on diverse platforms.


Sencha Touch

 Mobile App Development

Sencha Touch is a mobile app development tool that allows you to create apps using HTML5. They offer a vast selection of products, but their primary offering would be the Ext Js 5. Most developers opt for this tool for its sheer functionality on different devices operated in diverse platforms. It also offers convenience due to the built-in components that allow the developer to save a hefty time when writing codes. After creating an application with the HTML5 code, you may now use that code when translating it to multi-platforms.




Manufactured and designed by Adobe, the phone gap is a free tool for mobile app development to translate HTML5, Javascript, and CSS code. It is ideal for those who are just beginning in android app development. They can maintain the software development kit for cross-platform formatting, so you will never have to worry about that area. After you manage to translate the code, the mobile apps can be shared with your group to see if it requires any alteration or improvement. Unfortunately, according to our last check, this has been discontinued and has been replaced with VoltBuilder



 Mobile App Development

Appcelerator by Titanium used the Javascript feature when creating the Android and the iOs app. This mobile app development tool will utilize 60-90 percent of the original code when designing a multi-platform application. This concept alone by Appcelerator can save you a tremendous amount of time. Since this tool offers an open-source feature, different developers contribute codes to it, which further improves its functionality. People can also contribute by reporting a bug that they found in this program.


Unity 3D


If you want to highlight the fantastic graphics of your mobile apps, Unity 3D can take care of that. It is way beyond the essential translation of multi-platform games. After completing your code through Boo, C# or Unity Script, that code can be inserted in Unity 3D to translate it to 17 different gaming platforms such as Linux, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, Web, windows, android app development, iOs, and others.

 Mobile App Development

Logo Maker

You will also need a logo maker that you can use in your app. With this you can guarantee that your app will appear well-done and professional. Usually, this will be left in the hands of an expert graphic designer. However, if you don't have the budget for this, there are free options available online. You just have to ensure that you are doing things properly and systematically,to avoid the common pitfalls.

Remember that mobile app development through cross-platform is not an easy feat. By using the tool mentioned above, you will have a more convenient way of translating the code and using it with different platforms.


Mobile App Development Makers for Local Business


When you are in the hunt for mobile apps maker, you are highly considering the convenience, functionality, affordability, and capacity to create a professional application. Additional features can also be appealing, such as cross-platform features, personalization, loyalty program, mobile commerce, localization, social integration, push notification, and pre-made templates. An application that can easily be understood even by beginners can also be interesting for the retailers.



 ios project

GoodBarber will give you your money’s worth. This online service can be accessed by paying only $16/month and is armed with features usually offered in a more expensive mobile app maker. They provide a flexible plan system; the $32 comes with analytics tools that let you manage your mobile app development, and the $48 will allow you to design a mobile app for iPad. Though it can be a bit pricier than the most basic app maker, the cheaper apps are pretty limited. The limitation will result in a poor user interface, mediocre branding, and annoying advertisements. When you want to address this limitation, you will incur higher expenses than the customary. It means that GoodBarber is still your more affordable service for Android app development.




In case that you want to develop mobile apps but lack the technical skills about mobile app development, then Buildfire is the right program for you. It will only take about 10 minutes to sign up and create an application. You will appreciate that Buildfire has simplified the entire process of creating an app. During the initial process, you will need to customize the appearance and function of your mobile application and then add an extra feature on the app by dragging the widgets. One of the advantages of this android app development tool is that it provides you with a preview of your mobile application.



 Mobile App Development

MobiCart is ideal for the local business as it presents a feature that helps the local retailer to increase their sales using an eCommerce application. Simply sync in your Ecommerce website and use the Mobicart API or upload your Ecommerce CSV. After completing the process, the tool allows you to add extra features and set your payment system to enable the consumers to shop on your online store using mobile apps. You can also include social media integration, localization, and push notification features.


The tools provided above for mobile app development are explicitly designed for those just beginning to create mobile apps. It offers the local business to develop their own mobile application without understanding the complicated technical aspect of android app development. Simply click the widgets that allow you to add features to your mobile application without the need to write codes.


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

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If your business does not have mobile apps, you may be missing an excellent opportunity to extend the reach of your business and promote it. Based on the report alone by Nielsen, around 120 million people in US alone use a mobile app in accessing an online store at least once per month. It means that you do not belong in that massive pool of revenue. Suppose you want a mobile app that will allow your consumer to purchase your product or even an application to view product descriptions, leave a review, find a special offer, or get a coupon. In that case, you will need the help of a mobile app consulting agency. Here are the key questions that you should ask before you hire the service of the mobile app development Company



Do you have a sample of your work?


Those with extensive experience in developing mobile apps should not think twice when providing you with samples of their work or other application where they played an essential role during the mobile app development. A simple link from the App Store or Google Play Store should be sufficient if you want to analyze their past projects. By seeing their past works, you will gauge their skill and see if they are suitable for your company.


Do you have a list of your past clients?

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In case that you love their mobile apps, you should also consider asking for the contact information of their past client. Unfortunately, you have to directly ask the mobile app development company about it since it is not listed like the credits from the movie. You will be able to know their attitude towards their work. You can also have an idea about the cost of their service and whether they could finish the task in time.


Can my mobile apps generate income?


In case that the goal of your mobile app is to generate income, the mobile app development company should already have an insight on how they will design an application that can generate income. They can develop an app that instructs the user to pay for every download and pay when they want to use the extra features of your application.


How will they communicate?

 Android Development Project

Communication is a vital factor with any transaction, especially with mobile app development. You need to know that you can reach out to them whenever you want. How will they send you an update about the progress of your mobile apps? You need to be sure what form of communication they will use in informing you about the progress.


You need to ask the mobile app development company these questions before you hire them. Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive guide, you now have a better insight into the process.

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