A Business Profile of San Antonio, Florida


San Antonio, Florida, referred to by the locals as San Ann, is located in Pasco County. This suburban city is situated in the 5th district of Florida. It has a total population of 1,286, most of which are composed of adults. Population growth is slower compared to the other key cities in Florida. The median age of the resident is around 40.3 years old, which is lower than Florida's average.


A Business Profile of San Antonio, Florida

An Overview of Starting Business in San Antonio, Florida


This article will guide you through the different requirements when starting a business in San Antonio, Florida. Fortunately, this will help you navigate the industry with ease.


Tax Registration


The small businesses in San Antonio, Florida, must register for a license, permit, and identification number related to the nature of their business. For instance, most companies will be responsible for settling their corporate tax, unemployment tax, use tax, and sales tax. In some cases, you may also be required to deal with additional taxes such as solid waste charges, pollutant tax, fuel tax, and services tax. For general information, you can visit the local department of revenue.



 A Business Profile of San Antonio, Florida

San Antonio authorities also require the business owners to secure licenses and permits to operate within the borders of the community legally. The cost may vary according to the nature of your service or business. For instance, the dealers, brokers, and investment advisers will be required to carry a professional license. Inability to secure the appropriate and complete permit may result in fines and the business's closure.


Local Permit


The local government of San Antonio, Florida, will also require local permits according to their unique regulations. Some of the most common permits that may be necessary include zoning permit, signage permit, occupational permit, health permit, tax permit, alarm permits, and building permits. Be sure to contact the local revenue department to have a list of the necessary permits that your business requires.


Filing of Incorporation

 A Business Profile of San Antonio, Florida

In Florida, those who belong in the particular categories should register to the division of corporation. If the structure of your business falls under the category of Partnership, LLC, Non-Profit, and Corporation, the instruction for filing can be found on the official website of Florida. If you are running a sole proprietorship business, you are free to skip this procedure.




For those opening a business that requires employees, you will be required to carry sufficient insurance. It will ensure your workers will get the necessary payment should they acquire an injury while doing their job. The business can also operate through the self-insured method.


San Antonio, Florida Data


Despite the pandemic, the latest employment rate of Florida is at 145 million, which posted an 8.45% growth. San Antonio, FL employs the service of about 666 skilled workers. The biggest industry is the educational sector with 139 workers, followed by the healthcare services with 103 people. The highest-earning industry belongs to the utility sector, with an average earning of $81,932.


Hopefully, by reading this guide, you will realize that starting your business in San Antonio, Florida is much simpler. Preparing all the requirements beforehand will help you start your own business with a more minor issue. Be sure to secure all the documents we mentioned above to operate your business legally within the region's borders.

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