6 Breathing Exercises to Help You Recharge


Are you feeling stressed, intoxicated and exhausted? If so, there are different ways to relax and find comfort without spending money and hours on getting a spa treatment. Simple breathing exercises that last for 10 minutes can do their magic. You do not need to use incense or other state-of-the-art apparatus to reach a state of tranquility; all you need is a short amount of time and healthy lungs.


6 Breathing Exercises to Rejuvenate Your Energy


Breathing Exercises to Help You Recharge

Whenever negative thoughts and feeling of exhaustion kicks in, consider these six breathing exercises that will help you relax and proceed with your daily routine. It can guarantee that your mind will remain in a tranquil state and not allow the chaos to affect your mind.


Equal Breathing (Sama Vritti)


Achieving a state of balance can help in optimizing our system. We can accomplish this by using simple breathing exercise. To begin doing the Equal Breathing, inhale with your nose at a count of four before exhaling at the same count. This creates a pure resistance to our breath. The more experienced yogis can extend their count up to 8 times with the same purpose in their minds. This breathing technique is designed to reduce stress, enhance their focus, and relax their nerves.


Abdominal Breathing


Keep one hand in your belly and the other hand in your chest. Take a deep breath while ensuring that it is the diaphragm that inflates and not your chest. Inhale for a count of six before releasing the air. Do this series of slow breathing for about 10 minutes daily to keep your blood pressure and heart rate at an optimum level.


Alternate Nostril (Nadi Shodhana)


This breathing technique is believed to give a sense of balance and tranquility. It can also connect the left and right parts of the brain. To start, assume a relaxing meditative pose. Press your right nostril using the right thumb and take a deep breath using the left nostril only. Cover the left nostril using your point finger and release the air through your right nostril when exhaling.


Skull Shining (Kapalabhati)

 Breathing Exercises to Help You Recharge

This type of breathing exercise is usually done to start your day. Take a steady, slow, and long inhale and release the air abruptly using force generated through the lower belly. Once you begin to get used to the contraction, increase the pace of your breathing.


Progressive Relaxation


This breathing exercise eliminates the tension that you are feeling from your head down to your toe. To start, simply close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing your muscle starting from your feet up to your head while maintaining a consistently slow and deep breathing pattern. Some experts advise us to inhale using our nose and exhale with our mouth.


Guided Visualization

 Breathing Exercises to Help You Recharge

Go to your happy place without any inhibitions and qualms. Inhale deeply while concentrating on the positive images to eliminate the negative thoughts. This is one of the effective ways on how to reach mindfulness. Guided visualization is a great way to be in a place where you want to be rather than sulking in negative thoughts.


We will constantly be exposed to live’s pressure and negative emotion. Still, by allotting at least 10 minutes of our time and following the breathing exercise above, we can quickly get rid of them and rejuvenate our energy.

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