5 Ways to Maintain Your Aircon


Nowadays, different places worldwide are experiencing unpredictable and erratic weather. We need to ensure that our air conditioning unit is in its appropriate condition to keep our home a comfortable place to live. Regular aircon servicing is essential to extend the life of our ACU. Understanding how to maintain your air conditioning properly will let you enjoy the benefit of your aircon for a longer period.


5 Ways to Ensure That Your Aircon is Functioning Efficiently


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Your aircon's fins, coils, and filters need constant maintenance to guarantee that it will operate efficiently and effectively. Ignoring the essential maintenance will gradually affect the performance of your system and increase its energy use.


1. Cleaning or Replacing Filter


 In maintaining your aircon, one of the most important tasks is to clean or replace your aircon filter regularly. The dirty and clogged filters will hamper the natural flow of air and reduce your system's efficiency. When the regular airflow has been blocked, the air that passes through our filter can carry dirt directed to the evaporator coil. This can affect the ability of the coil to absorb heat. Some filters can be replaced, and others are reusable.


2. Cleaning and Inspecting the Coils

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After years of using the air conditioner, the condenser coil and evaporator coil will collect dirt. Keeping your filter clean will prevent the evaporator coil from collecting dirt. Nonetheless, even if you are still regularly replacing or cleaning the filter, it will accumulate dirt over time. The dirt will insulate the coil and hamper the airflow. This will decrease its ability to absorb the heat. If you want to avoid this problem, check the evaporator coil regularly and clean it if necessary. Aircon servicing companies can use an all-natural cleansing agent to expel the coil's accumulated dirt.


3. Maintaining the Coil Fin


The coil fins of our aircon can be easily bent. It can harm the overall performance of our unit. Luckily, you will be able to return the coil fin to its original state by using a fin comb. Ensure that the coil fins will perfectly match the teeth of the fin comb.


4. Check the Aircon Regularly

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Apart from the parts we mentioned above, there are also other components that you need to check. This may include the condenser fan, switch, and wiring. If there are cracks on the fan of the blades, replace them immediately. Check the bearings and ensure that it is well-lubricated. You should also regularly monitor your aircon for signs of overheating.


5. Call the Service of Professionals


If your aircon is experiencing a more severe problem, you need to contact the help of a professional. A properly trained mechanic or technician will be able to determine your system's issue and perform the proper solution. They offer a range of services to ensure that your aircon is running effectively. Proper maintenance of your aircon is necessary, especially if you want to save energy and money. If you find the entire maintenance process daunting, seek the help of an aircon servicing expert.


The Different Types of Aircon

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Your HVAC designer may advise a range of air conditioning units suitable for a spectrum of applications. The right system that you will use will depend upon different factors, such as the total area that needs to be cooled, the amount of heat generated, and others. The right aircon servicing company can consider all the associated parameters and recommend the most suitable system.


Popular Types of Aircon


To meet the diverse needs of residential and commercial space, the ACU has been designed with different cooling and heating capacity. Most of them are based on similar technology, but they vary in application, so it is essential to determine which is appropriate for you.


Split System

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The Split System is perhaps the most cost-efficient type of ACU. It is suitable for cooling small residential and commercial spaces. They also provide a great solution for server rooms, cafes, shops, and small offices. The split system is comprised of two parts; the indoor and outdoor unit. An outdoor unit will be introduced outside of your house. It has different components such as an expansion valve, aircon compressor, and condenser. You do not have to create a slot for this type of aircon.


Multi-split aircon systems also work just like the single split system. Contingent upon the model, it will give you the capacity to connect a maximum of 9 units. It is mostly used for commercial spaces such as shops and restaurants. However, this type of system is more intricate; it requires more aircon servicing and pipework than the standard split system.


Window Aircon


This is the most common type of aircon that you can use for cooling a single room. In this type of air conditioner, the fundamental components like cooling coil, evaporator, expansion valve, and aircon compressor are included in a single box. This will be fitted inside the slot, known as the window sill.


VRV or VRF Aircon

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VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) may sound confusing; however, they only mean the same thing. This type of technology is originally developed by Daikin, which is the ideal solution for large businesses like mixed-use establishments, large offices, retail spaces, and hotels. This system is easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient. It also comes with minimized disruption and shorter installation times. Nonetheless, it also requires regular aircon servicing.




If you plan to cool multiple rooms or bigger spaces, the packaged type of aircon is an ideal solution. There are two available arrangements of packaged aircon. In one configuration, all the components will be included in a single box; on the next arrangement, the condenser and compressor will be found in a single casing.


Different types of air conditioning systems will be suitable for various applications. It is important to determine your needs to properly identify the type of aircon that can address your wants and preference.


What Is Aircon Compressor and How It Function

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The compressor serves as the core system of your air conditioning unit. The entire cycle will start once the compressor absorbs low-pressure gas indoors. This component will then cool and dehumidify the air, maintaining the ideal temperature level inside the room. To maintain or repair an aircon, you must understand the various functions of its parts. Air compressor is a vital component of the system that affects the performance of your unit.


The Different Functions of Aircon Compressor


The compressor is one of the most common components of our air conditioning unit that can easily break. In case there is an issue with the compressor's function, the purpose of our system will be compromised.


It Removes Humidity


If the aircon compressor is not functioning optimally, the humidity inside your room will increase. As we mentioned above, the compressor will absorb the humid air before the equipment blows in the cold air inside the room. On the off chance that there is a sudden increase in the humidity inside your room, call the help of the aircon servicing company.


Absorbs the Heat

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Another essential function of the aircon compressor is to absorb the heat. When the refrigerant passes through the coil, it will evaporate, leading to the production of cold air. In this process, the system will need to use warm air drawn in from inside the room. The fans have been connected to the system's evaporator to support the cold air circulation. The thermostat in our aircon will monitor if the preferred temperature has been achieved. Once it reaches the temperature, the cooling capacity of the aircon will automatically turn off. When the temperature inside the room increases, the thermostat will also sense it and prompt it to activate the air conditioner.


Converting Warm Air into Liquid

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Once the system has absorbed the warm air, the compressor will then turn this warm air into a liquid state under elevated pressure. This liquid will then pass through the expansion valve, transforming the warm liquid into a cold liquid. Aircon fluids will then be injected into the compressor, where the warm gas will be compressed into small molecules. Since the liquids have been compressed, they can absorb a higher amount of warm air. It is essential when keeping the air inside the room cold. When your compressor is defective, the liquid will not be compressed, and your system will produce warmer air. You will need to repair aircon or call the professional aircon servicing company to address the issue.


Air Transfer

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Another function of your air compressor would be heat transfer. When the temperature inside the room increases, the vent will draw in the warm air, and the compressor will direct the warm air into the condenser coil, where it will be cooled.


As you can see, the compressor is actively involved in maintaining the ideal temperature inside the room. Seek the help of an expert aircon servicing if you notice something wrong with your compressor.

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