Some accidents can happen in this world, and Hollywood is not spared from those events. However, people tend to find the connection between these unfortunate events when one thing happens after another. Most of the accidents occurred during the filming stage, making everyone believe that the film might be cursed.


Top 5 Cursed Movies


When there are high numbers of freaky accidents that happen on the set, and if there are unusual deaths, people will likely connect it to a curse. Here are some of the cursed movies that were filmed.


1. The Omen

The omen


Perhaps, nothing in the movie history can be compared to the bad luck of The Omen. While filming the movie, the plane of the film scriptwriter, David Seltzer, was struck by lightning. Surprisingly, the plane of Gregory Peck and Mace Neufeld was also struck by lightning. After that, the hotel where Neufeld was staying was bombed by IRA. Incidentally, this is also the restaurant and the hotel that the director and the actors are scheduled to eat. John Richardson, staff responsible for special effects, crashed his car on August 13, 1976. His assistant was sliced by the front wheel of the vehicle. After he successfully escaped the wreckage, he noticed a road sign that said Ommen-66.6km. The handler of the tiger dies, the son of Gregory Peck committed suicide. The plane supposedly used for the film has crashed, killing everyone on board.


2. Poltergeist


Poltergeist is also considered one of the most cursed films in history. Months after the film was released, Dominique Dunne was found dead; her boyfriend murdered her at 22. The actor who played the role of Henry Kane, Julian Beck, succumbed to stomach cancer in 1985. Will Sampson of Poltergeist II also died in 1985 due to kidney failure. Perhaps, the eeriest death would be the death of Heather O'Rourke. She was filming the movie's last scene when she was rushed to the hospital and died at the operating table.


3. Atuk

 atuk cursed movies

Compared to the other films in this list, this is the only movie that has not been completed. This is because everyone who takes the lead role has mysteriously died; John Candy, Chris Farley, Sam Kinison, and John Belushi.


4. Rosemary's Baby

 Rosemary's baby

After one year of completing the film, the composer of the film died due to a blood clot which is incidentally the same death of the character in the movie. William Castle, the movie producer, is convinced that the film is cursed. One year after the film was commercially released, the family of Roman Polanski was slaughtered by the follower of Charles Manson.


5. Exorcist

 The exorcist cursed movies

At least ten people related in the production died shortly after the film was released. This includes Burke Dennings and Jack MacGowran. The set used for the MacNeil house has burned down due to a mysterious fire, but the room used by Linda Blair remained untouched. The church near the theatre where the film premiered was hit by lightning causing its cross to drop.


Though we do not believe in the curse, the uncommon number of deaths in a single production is quite unusual.


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