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China's diverse and vast territory has endowed the place with some of the most beautiful spots in China and myriads of tourist destinations. From the majestic landscape of Yangshuo and Guilin to the pillars of the Zhangjiajie, the diverse and awe-inspiring beauty of this country is as remarkable as its unique culture. To serve as a guide, especially for first-time travelers, this article presents essential travel info that you can use during your grand and luxurious vacation.


Top 4 Things to Do in China:  A Walkthrough on the Most Beautiful Spots in China


China Travel Guide

China is packed with unpredicted surprises.   People who visit the country will be surprised by the locals' warm welcome, the city's massive scope, and the breathtaking landscape. Shanghai Skyline and the lake in Jiuzhaigou are just some of the most beautiful spots in China that will genuinely blow you away. The culture is spectacular, and the scenery is indeed fascinating. It will take a lifetime to cover what you have to see and do. But to start with the long journey, here are the top 4 things you should do in China.


Walk on the Great Wall of China


China Travel Guide

There is a particular reason why most tourists who go into China will need to visit the Great Wall. The Badaling section is one of the most crowded parts of the wall, but you may go to the Mutianyu section if you want to avoid the surge of people. The ideal time to visit these beautiful spots in China is during December since the sky is clear and crisp. You will also avoid the influx of tourists.


Visit the Forbidden City


China Travel Guide

It is another obvious choice when looking for some of the most beautiful spots in China. Marveling inside the Forbidden City is a fascinating journey you have to take during your vacation in China. It has served as the home of the emperor and their family for more than 500 years. In the past, commoners were forbidden to enter the city, but today, any tourist is welcome to visit the place. Visiting the Forbidden City is also an opportunity for you to see the Tiananmen Square


Be Amazed at the Terracotta Warriors


China Travel Guide

Apart from the great wall, the Terracotta Warriors is also considered one of the most beautiful spots in China. It is a spectacle that no one should miss. The massive numbers of life-size clay warriors standing and guarding the city will amaze you. It is located in Xian and was only discovered in the year 1974.


Take a Cycle at the Xian Wall


China Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit the Terracotta Warriors, you should also visit the Xian that has managed to preserve the history of the City. You may rent a bike to navigate the various parts of the ancient city. You will also enjoy the delicious dumplings offered in the town.

Top 4 Chinese Food Cooking Methods


The Chinese style of cooking is renowned in different parts of the globe. They offer a distinctive and unique culinary style. Chinese cuisine focuses on concocting healthy food by utilizing seasonal and fresh ingredients. The preparation requires a minimal procedure that balances the food's texture and color. The Chinese Food culture uses different methods to prepare sumptuous and mouth-watering meals. These methods are designed to keep the nutrients and the flavor intact. Here are four of the most common cooking methods, together with their descriptions.




China Travel Guide

Stir-Frying is one of the oldest Chinese Food Cooking methods. It is relatively simple, fast, flavorful, and tasty. The basic utensils used in this method are a spatula and a wok. It is usually executed using a gas stove, although some use an electric stove. If you want to opt for an electric stove, make sure it is preheated to maximum heat. Stir-Frying is commonly used in a combination of vegetables, meat, tofu, and seafood. The protein or the seafood will have to be marinated first in a special sauce.


Deep Frying


China Travel Guide

Chinese food culture has introduced the deep frying method for those who want crispy food. This cooking method is usually done to fry various vegetables and meat in high heat. A deep fryer or deep saucepan can be used when deep frying. You will also need a Chinese strainer to scoop the food on the deep fryer while draining the excess oil. There are also instances when the cook will use a long chopstick.


Steaming Method


China Travel Guide

Steaming is the process of cooking healthy Chinese food using steam. This method is designed to make the dishes taste delicious and fresh. It can control the amount of nutrient loss due to the food preparation, which is why it is being utilized in various ingredients. The Chinese food culture used a bamboo steamer that can be stacked on top of the other, which enables the cook to prepare different steamed food instantly. Those Chinese dishes that require extensive cooking will be placed at the bottom. The most renowned steamed dishes are steamed fish, buns, dumplings, and dim sum.


Red Cooking


China Travel Guide

Red Cooking, also known as Red Stewing, is a Chinese Food cooking method designed to prepare tough meat. The food will be simmered on low heat. They will wait for the meat to be brown before adding other ingredients such as soy sauce, broth, cilantro, chili, five-spice powder, ginger, wine, and sugar. It will take a significant amount of hours for this cooking to be completed. The result would be a slice of tender meat drenched in a dark brown and rich sauce.


Different Chinese tours will offer you the opportunity for those who want to learn about the Chinese food culture. Aside from marveling at the popular tourist attractions in China, you can also have fun learning the traditional cooking method in China.


4 Interesting Facts about Chinese Culture and Tradition


China belongs to the Four Ancient Civilizations, as mentioned by a scholar named Liang Qichao.  It is proud of the massive size of its territory, its written history that dates back to 3,600 years ago, and its profound and rich Chinese culture.  It is a known fact that every culture in the world is fascinating and has some peculiarities; Chinese culture and tradition are not exceptions.  Let us see some of the interesting facts about Chinese Culture.


Fact #1:  Chinese Values the Etiquette of Using Chopstick


China Travel Guide

There are some things that you should and shouldn’t’ do when it comes to using chopsticks based on Chinese culture and tradition.  For instance, you should never stick your chopsticks straight in the bowl.  Sticking the chopstick in this position means that you are offering the food to the dead, which is a sign of disrespect to your guest.  You should also refrain from sticking your fingers directly into your mouth to remove a bone; use your chopstick in removing it.  You should also make sure that the chopsticks you are using are of the same height.


Fact #2:  Gifts Will Be Politely Refused Before They Will Be Accepted


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One of the most interesting facts about Chinese culture and tradition is their habit of refusing the gift at least once or three times before being accepted.  This kind of behavior is considered polite, and it has nothing to do with whether they like the gift or not.  You, as a gift-giver, should insist the recipient in taking your present.  Also, do not force the recipient to open the gift in front of you.  They will most likely put away the gift and open it later.


Fact #3:  Dragon is one of the Chinese Cultural Symbols That Bears Various Meanings


China Travel Guide

The Dragon is one of the most powerful Chinese cultural symbols that can command the weather based on the old legend.  It also can bring good luck and strength, and they are often the symbolism that depicts powerful people such as the emperor.  One testament to its power is that most Chinese businesses will perform the dragon dance every New Year to invite good fortune and prosperity.


Fact #4:  Proper Way of Introducing Yourself is by Using Your Last Name first


China Travel Guide

When someone introduces you to another person, do not be surprised if you hear your last name first.  They considered this method of introduction polite.  It will also be more polite to call someone using their last name.  Job titles are also commonly used together with the last name to show respect; for instance, Manager Tiu, Teacher Zhang, and CEO Liu.


Asian nations, particularly China, has always been renowned for their unorthodox and unique habit.  The stuff mentioned above is just some facts that will prove their unique Chinese culture and tradition. Hope you are now more at ease on your upcoming vacation to China after reading this travel guide.

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