Work Life Balance: A Guide for the Working Mom


It is not common for the girls to be part of a particular industry during the old times.  Most women who have prior professional experience or hold a degree will leave their work once they get married.  However, this concept started to change during World War 2.  During this time, men have to leave the labor force to serve the military.  It prompted the women to take the regular job of the male population.  Since then, it has been a struggle for women to maintain a work life balance.


Tips in Achieving a Work Life Balance


Work-life balance

In the U.S. alone, roughly 63% of the moms work, and 75% are full-time workers.  Aside from fulfilling the average work hours, they are also required to perform at least 2 hours of childcare, meal preparation, and house maintenance daily.  Here are some of our tips to help you attain a work life balance.


Set a Time for Yourself


Setting a time exclusively for you, even if it is just for a minimum amount of time can make you feel more fulfilled and satisfied.  It can make you less resentful of the sacrifices that you make daily.  You need to make your family realize that your ‘Me’ time is essential.  Simply strolling down the block or just closing your door for about 10 minutes to reflect can help you regain your focus and motivation and promote a work life balance.


Create a List of Things to Do

 Work-life balance

When it comes to successful management of your schedule, creating a list is a top priority.  Make it a habit to note what you need to accomplish in the next succeeding days.  Make sure that it is a confluence of personal stuff, business, and parental responsibilities.  Keep your list realistic to avoid any frustration and disappointment. Sticking to your schedule is a way to maintain a proper work life balance.


Share Your Chores


Remember that your household chores are not only intended for the mother; they are for everyone.  By assigning your kids to do light chores, you are not only controlling the amount of your work, but you are also imparting essential lessons to your child.  Even a simple task such as making the bed can lighten your load immensely. Delegate the duties to other family members to inspire work life balance.


Reconnect With Your Partner

 Working mom

The ‘we’ time can be as important as your ‘me’ time.  Date nights are indeed a perfect idea.  However, if you don’t have the time to do it, you may want to spend quality time together after the kids are already asleep.  Make sure that you pay close attention to each other during this ‘we’ time.


Being a working mom is an adventure, but you should never disregard your work life balance.  With excellent preparation and the essential tips to balance your work and family, you can become the best mom even if you only spend a few hours with your kids every week.

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