Why a Seller Should Always Counter an Offer


It is but natural for the seller to make a counteroffer in the real estate market.  Perhaps it was not the price that you were expecting.  Understand that the counteroffer is just the start of the long and tedious process of selling your house.  By making a counteroffer, the seller will reach a more favorable decision.  Here are some reasons why a seller should always counter an offer.


Counteroffer Tactics: Why a Seller Should Always Counter an Offer


Why a Seller Should Always Counter an Offer

Most people will think that they have only two options when they receive an offer; either they accept it or reject it. However, you can also counter the proposal of the seller. The buyer will have to be careful when making an offer since too low can insult the seller.


Accept or Counter (never stop the ball from rolling)


The seller's counteroffer is created from a document called a counteroffer.  It is the chance for the seller to counter the suggested amount and terms of the buyer.  It also allows you to state the terms of the agreement.  One of the extreme counter-tactics that sellers are using is rejecting the offer and not creating a counteroffer at all.  It would be best to never result in this.  You should keep your buyer within the game by accepting or making a counteroffer.  It shows that you are indeed interested in selling your real estate property.


Price Right to Begin With

 Why a Seller Should Always Counter an Offer

State a definitive price on the value of your real estate property.  It sends a strong signal to the buyer that you are aware of the current market value of your residential property.  It also prevents the buyer from walking away during the negotiation.  Be realistic about the price of your house.  Be aware that properties are selling fast, and your property may be left behind.  In case that your real estate property is one of the lingering properties in the area, you may need to lower your expectation.  Setting the right price is the ideal practice in the world of real estate.


First Offer is Usually Your Best


It is an old but still effective rule in the real estate field.  There are times that the seller will create a counteroffer to the buyer, and the negotiation will break down.  Perhaps it is not the amount you are expecting, but as a seller, you should consider many things that can affect the price of your property.  You should be aware that most of these buyers who will initially respond to you have been long in the real estate business.  They know about the current state and the value of the property.  Waiting for a better offer is good; however, the longer your house is listed on the market, the faster the value will decline.


First, 10 Days on the Market are Most Critical

 Why a Seller Should Always Counter an Offer

As mentioned above, you should never keep your property too long in the listing of property for sale.  The first ten days are the most critical part; usually, these are the times when your property is at its optimum value.



When creating a counteroffer, you should still focus on your target to make a sell.  The thing that matters most here would be the result.  Avoid letting a negotiation from dying especially on your part, because it is just too ridiculous.  When giving a counteroffer, it should be based on some reasonable grounds.

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