What to Expect with an Employment Staffing Agency


It is only natural for the employment staffing agency to have a massive job posting database.  Most of their job postings are exclusive; you will not find them on the web or even in the local newspapers.  They usually act as your liaison to your prospected company or job.  Nowadays, different companies rely on these employment agencies to give them the best possible candidate.  Seeking the help of the staffing agency representative opens the possibility of securing an interview faster as opposed to the traditional way of sending your resume.  Here are more things you can expect with the staffing agencies.


Employment Staffing Agency Work For the Employer

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The employment staffing agency basically works in the service of the employer by seeking highly qualified candidates that are suitable for a particular job position.  They have a representative that serves as your connection to the employers. The staffing agency will receive a fee upon successfully finding a candidate for the employer.


Submitting Your Resume


When submitting your resume to more than one employment staffing agency, make sure to tell them about it.  It can instruct the representative of the employment agencies to work with extra motivation and dedication and find you a job faster.  On the off chance that you are still submitting your resume to other job vacancies by yourself, the staffing agency should also be aware of it.  This way, any duplicate application will be prevented.


There are also times that you may submit your resume to the employment staffing agency, but you will not receive any notification from them.  If this is the case, you may contact them and ask them about the progress of your application.  You may also ask them about the names of the companies where they sent your resume and some of the responses that they received from different employers.  Remember to do this occasionally and avoid calling every day since this will distract them from the true nature of their work.


Revamping Your Resume

 Employment Staffing Agency

If the representative of the agency asked you to overhaul your resume, you should not see this as a negative thing but as a way to improve your CV.  There are times when the employers are getting the wrong message when seeing your resume and the employment staffing agency can help you improve your resume to make it a standout amongst the rest.  It is ideal, especially for the newcomers, as they will see the common mistakes that new applicants typically commit. Nowadays, you can apply your creativity to your resume. However, avoid using stylish font style, be sure that it will be easy for the prospected employer to read this. Also, make sure that they will read all the necessary details in just 2 minutes.


An employment staffing agency serves as your network in finding you a job.  Equipping yourself with a representative dedicated to finding you a job boosts your chances of securing the biggest opportunities in your life.

Signs That You Need Employment Staffing Agency


In this industry, no one is willing to admit their failure. However, if you want to see some improvement in your company, you need to pay attention to your Staffing Department.   Remember that your HR department is an essential part of your company. But if you are already tired of dealing with your HR department, you should try to hire the service of employment staffing agency. This is the perfect time for you to improve the procedures and policies of your recruitment. You need to have a fresh start by having a department that offers the best solution for your business.


Signs That the Staffing Department Is Failing You and How to Fix It


Employment Staffing Agency

In an ideal environment, the companies should allot their resources and exert effort in retaining their employees. Unfortunately, according to the latest study, companies worldwide spent billions of dollars to invest in their recruitment. Sending a group of recruiters daily to find a worthy candidate is an indication that the recruitment department is not doing a good job. Furthermore, your staffing team will be too preoccupied with recruitment preventing them from managing your employees properly.


Poor Communication Process

 Employment Staffing Agency

Suppose you notice that your recruitment company is constantly sending unnecessary newsletters that your workers will not essentially need. In that case, it is a clear sign that your HR department has a low level of communication. Once you notice this, you will need to find the source of the problem. This can be due to excessive work, unsystematic procedure, or poor management. Communicating with your workers should be precise and clear. Whether they deliver the message in print, video, or oral form, they should be able to provide the value and vision of your company. You may always inquire about the help of an employment staffing agency if you want to determine the right solution for the problem.


They Are Working Like a Separate Business Entity


Technically, the employment staffing agency is working for your business which means that they should act as an integral part of your company. Once the agency acts as a separate part of the business, it tends to create a rift between the staffing services and your employee. Your employee should be comfortable in approaching the HR team. As a business owner or a manager, you need to make sure that the HR is aligned with the rest of the company.


Mismanagement of the Budget

 Employment Staffing Agency

As the business manager, you have the right to monitor the budget of your staffing department. Clearly, they should allocate their funds for supporting and learning programs that will help the employees advance their skills. They should also have the necessary funds for the constant training of your staff, such as team building, conferences, and seminars.


Remember that an inefficient staffing department is often the primary source of turnover. If you noticed that the turnover rates increased dramatically, it is time for you to analyze and observe your HR department. You should also consider hiring an employment staffing agency.

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