What is the Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality?


The housekeeping department is responsible for keeping the company comfortable and clean. They play an essential role in creating a place that the guest can temporarily call their home. The primary objective of the hotel industry is to provide their clients with a welcoming, comfortable and attractive surroundings that will give the customers the best value for their money. There is just no amount of friendliness or service that can compete with cleanliness in a hospitality operation.


What is Housekeeping with Regards to Hospitality?

Housekeeping in Hospitality


Housekeeping would provide a safe, comfortable, and clean environment. This ideal should not just be confined to the housekeeping department since every person in the hospitality industry should implement it. For instance, the chef would be responsible for the housekeeping in the kitchen, and the restaurant managers would serve as the housekeepers of the restaurant. All people working in the hospitality industry must be equipped with the talents and skills required in housekeeping.


Housekeeping Management Is Not Just Exclusive to the Housekeeping Department


In different establishments in the hospitality industry, three departments are directly associated with housekeeping. First would be the maintenance department, the staff of this department is responsible for delivering proper ventilation, lighting, heating, sanitation, and other customers' needs. They are also tasked to maintain and repair the space associated with the operation. The second would be the housekeeping department, which delivers exceptional service to the customers. Last would be the reception who will allocate the guests to a specific room.


Importance of Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry

Housekeeping in Hospitality


The housekeeping department is a functional department within an organization responsible for maintaining the aesthetic appeal, cleanliness, comfort, and safety of the surroundings, public area, and rooms and preserving the hospitality of the establishment. The hotel company will survive on the services, beverage, food, and room sales. Room sales constitute 50% of the entire revenue of the hotel. The function of the housekeeping department in providing a room that is desirable and inviting helps increase room sales.


Housekeeping is also a 24/7 operation in the hospitality industry. There will always be a stack of linen that will need to be organized. The walls, floors, ceilings, and carpets should be regularly maintained. Apart from the housekeeping department in hotels, the professional housekeeping companies also receive a high demand in offices, cruise liners, and health institutions.


The Function of the Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping in Hospitality


The housekeeping department performs an integral function in hospitality, such as ensuring security and safety regulation and establishing a seamless working relationship with the other department. They also provide the supervision, control, and training of the department members. They are also responsible for dealing with lost and found items.


The housekeeping department is also in charge of maintaining the highest quality of cleanliness and establishing a welcoming ambiance essential in the hospitality industry. The function of housekeeping is vital to achieve the maximum efficiency level and guarantee the comfort and care of the clients.

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