What Is Alternative Healing?


Our way of dealing with sickness and cure has started to change at this age and time.  Some people are taking a spiritual method in dealing with the disease.   Studies say that there are elements present in our environment, and once we lose balance, that’s when we will get sick.  Our physical and spiritual aspects need to be realigned with these elements to achieve optimum health.  Here are some of the alternative healing techniques and their uses.


What is Sound Healing


What Is Alternative Healing?

Healing using the sound is said to realign our motors that went out of balance due to the unwanted noises that we hear, like the sound of the engine, screaming, loud music, and others.  They believe that certain sound waves are associated with different organs in our bodies.  Listening to this sound is called meditative sound that is said to soothe our souls. Depending on the melody of the sound, it helps in lowering our cortisol level or may improve our heart rate.


What is Color Healing?


Colors are utilized in healing the same way that numbers are utilized in numerology.  Placing the sick person closer to a specific color will balance the corresponding damaged organ.  Color healing may include eating a fruit associated with the color and wearing clothes with a particular hue. It is also based on color psychology, wherein different shades and hues will release a specific energy vibration that affects us.


What is Crystal Healing?

 What Is Alternative Healing?

Different crystals possess specific healing properties.  This type of healing was used even during the old civilization.  It is believed that if a person bears a gemstone with a particular property, the crystal will grant that person with the healing property. For instance, pearl can have cleansing energy, and diamond can repel negativities.


What is BioFeedback?


In this process, you will be hooked up to a particular mechanism that brings your system to a whole new level.  Through this, you will have a deeper understanding of how the mind and body interact, which will not be possible with an average sense.



What is Edward Bach Flower?

 What Is Alternative Healing?

Edward Back is a doctor in London who left his profession to study different flowers that possess different qualities that can address a variety of diseases.  It may target some emotional and physical problems such as depression, anxiety, fear, and other illnesses.  One example of Back Flower treatment is the rock rose used to treat a heightened level of fear.



 What Is Alternative Healing?

Massage therapy and treatment have been used for a long time.  Reflexology and hiatus are types of balancing therapy that the massage therapist can use.  Chiropractors generally practice these.  Before acquiring this type of therapy, be sure to ask them first about the kind of treatment they are going to administer on a particular issue so you will be able to determine if it suits you or not.




Randolph Stone developed polarity Therapy.  Through a thorough massage, diet, exercise, manipulation, attitude, and love, the polarities of the energy in our body will achieve a state of equilibrium.  When the treatment is over, the therapist tends to shake their hands to release the negative energies that may have accumulated on the therapy.


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