What are the Symptoms of Bone Cancer


Bone cancer may show many symptoms while it is in the stage of development. One of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of bone cancer is unbearable pain. Bone cancer can start in any body area, but the most common part would be the long bone found in our legs and arms. Some of the common signs of bone cancer can also be the condition of arthritis, injury, or osteoporosis. 


Common Symptoms of Bone Cancer


If you experience some of the symptoms that we will mention, make sure that you will immediately consult a local physician specializing in bone cancer. Any moment you wait can expose you to a more severe condition.


Unexplained Pain


Bone Cancer Signs

One of the most common symptoms of bone cancer would be the grueling pain and discomfort that is being felt in the afflicted area. During the initial stage, the pain may not be persistent. The anguishing pain can commonly be felt during nighttime after prolonged activity. When the cancer cells spread and develop, the pain will be consistent. The pain will be an existing companion for the patient with bone cancer.



 Bone Cancer Signs

There may not be swelling in a couple of weeks when you are experiencing pain. You may also feel a lump in the affected area as one of the symptoms of bone cancer. For instance, bone cancer that develops in the neck can cause a development of a lump in the throat that makes it difficult for someone to swallow or breathe.




One of the symptoms of bone cancer would be having a constant fracture, especially in the area affected. This is due to the weakening of the bone caused by the cancer cells. Patients who experience this side effect describe unbearable pain and soreness that lasts for months.


Other Symptoms of Bone Cancer

 Bone Cancer Signs

Bone Cancer can also exhibit different symptoms contingent upon the tumor's location. For instance, if the tumor started on the spine, the patient may feel a numb or tingling sensation since the tumor affects the nerves. The cancer cells also can spread to different parts of the body that can transmit other symptoms of bone cancer, such as breathing difficulty.


Some of the symptoms of bone cancer can be related to other conditions such as arthritis and bone injuries. But if the symptoms become persistent, make sure that you will go and see a doctor immediately to have it checked. There are various reasons on how bone cancer can be diagnosed, such as x-ray, CT scan, MRI, radionuclide, PET (Positron emission tomography), and biopsy. Early diagnosis is your first defense against bone cancer.


Your local cancer doctor may present a precise approach to diagnosing the symptoms of bone cancer. Call them now and schedule for analysis if you notice the aforementioned signs. Cancer is a treatable disease, but it is still a severe condition. The earlier you discover them, the higher the probability of a full recovery.

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