Urban Survival: 5 Ways to Quickly Losing a Tail


There will come a time when we feel like we are being followed; perhaps that person is a part of a government agency tasked to follow someone or a private investigator hired by your jealous wife.  It can also be a dangerous psychopath following you after that petty argument.  Fortunately, escaping and losing a tail is easier than most people think.  You do not have to be a professional to lose a tail.  Here are some ways to quickly escape and lose a tail.


Recognize a Tail


Losing a Tail

The first thing you need to do is be aware if someone is indeed following you or just being paranoid.  It would be best to find this out inconspicuously; never turn your head instantly since it will capture their attention.  Drop an item and turn around while acting like you are picking it up.  When you notice that someone is intently following you, take a note of their hair type, the color of clothes, shoes.  After that, do not stick around.  Do not look into the eye of anyone; you may notice individuals who will change their direction suddenly.  Let them walk past you.  Take this opportunity to walk in the opposite direction.


Escape on the Elevator

 Losing a Tail

You need to act normally and blend in with the crowd even if you know that someone is following you.  Find a seat near the elevator and act like you are checking your phone for some text message or an item in your bag.  You may look stupid, but it is essential to let the tracker believe that you are innocent about his action.  After a few moments, leave something on the bench, which no one will be interested in.  After the preparations are done, time to lose them completely; one way of doing this is to ride the elevator.  They will be forced to follow you inside the elevator.  Stick your hand outside the elevator to prevent it from closing.  Wait for the other people to ride the elevator before removing your hand.  Just before the elevator will close, step out immediately.  Grab the item you left in your seat and look if someone stepped out of the elevator.



Create a Gap


If you are not on the main street, one way of escaping is to turn corners and run as fast as possible.  When you think they are about to take the corner, stop running and act normal again.  If someone follows you, they will be surprised by the distance between you and them. They will most probably pick up the pace, which will make them noticeable. Remember that it is essential to act innocent on their actions. Increase the gap every time you will take corners.


Be Smarter

 Losing a Tail

When we think we are being followed, the average thing that people will do is run as fast as possible to lose a tail.  This escape strategy can only work with a sprinter.  If you are not that athletic, you need to be smarter than your pursuer.  When you turn into the corner, instead of running as fast as you can, you may duck into a nearby store to lose your pursuer. Look for something inconspicuous that will help hide your presence.


Get Out of their Perimeter


Knowing your pursuer’s perimeter is essential when losing a tail.  When you find an opportunity to run, be sure to create a significant distance away from the pursuer.  When you realize that you are already out of their perimeter, blend with the crowd and act normal.  Being silent and not noticeable is golden in this type of situation.


When you are being followed, it is essential to know how you can move without being spotted.  It is also imperative to be physically fit and trained in various escape techniques to save you during a challengingsituation.

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