Things That Mobile Website Designers Have to Consider

The web has entered a new phase by turning mobile.  An increasing number of internet users are accessing the online world using their mobile devices.  It simply means that site owners and website designers need to create a mobile strategy.   The methodology of the mobile website designer will differ contingent upon the project that they are currently working on.  Regardless of whether you are designing an interactive application, news site, or static site, you need to consider the UX and usability of your site on mobile.


Crucial Factors That Mobile Website Designers Need to Consider on Their Project


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Here are some essential matters that you will need to consider at the onset of your mobile web designing project.  Most of these factors will affect the fundamental aspects of the procedure, such as design, implementation, and strategy.


Identify Your Project


Usually, mobile website designers work on a project that needs a mobile and desktop strategy. They may have to redesign a website that will make the page responsive or create an extra mobile site apart; on the off chance that they want to keep the elements from the desktop page.  Each situation requires proper identification of various components to push the project forward.


Determine the Project's Goal

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During most instances, mobile website designers are being employed by their clients to address the mobile needs of their business.  What are the goals of the company?  When you are designing a mobile website, it is imperative to prioritize the business's goals.  Possible goals include boosting their web traffic, increasing their mailing list, enhancing their conversion rate, reducing bounce rate, etc. You will have to translate these goals into your mobile design project.


Examine the Data


If you are redesigning an existing website, there is a good chance that the website is tracking data using Google Analytics or other tools.  You may want to study the data they have been monitoring before proceeding with your development and design project.  Mobile website designers can look at the traffic in particular and see the major types of devices that the audience used in accessing the site.  It should remain high in your priority when designing a website.


Simplicity is Still Beauty, However…

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When mobile website designers transform a desktop site to a mobile site, it is still essential to keep things as simple as possible. It will minimize the file size and increase the site's loading speed.    The faster the mobile website loads, the higher the SERP ranking.  The website's usability is also about simplicity, especially in the navigation and layout.  Since you have pretty limited space, carefully choosing the placement of various website elements is essential.  However, there is an ongoing trend of creating elegant and beautiful designs while maintaining simplicity.  Rounded corners, drop-shadow, and gradient can be made using CSS3 without creating bulky files.


Hopefully, the guide above will provide mobile website designers with insight into their mobile projects. With search engine sites placing higher significance on mobile-friendly sites, it only makes sense to ensure that your website will appear professional on various devices.


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