The Latest Finding about Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a particular health condition that affects millions of people worldwide.  The main symptom of this disease is the excruciating chronic pain preventing you from doing your daily routine.  It has been a subject of significant research, but the truth behind the condition remains evasive.  However, a recent study, which is highly concentrated on determining the source of pain, has uncovered excellent results.  People were astonished to know that our brain did not trigger the pain.  Most doctors have related the condition of Fibromyalgia to a psychological disorder, but the recent discovery proved otherwise.  Experts have revealed that the origination of the pain comes from the highly unlikely source, the blood vessel found in our hands.


Uncovering the Mysterious Condition of Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia treatment

This breakthrough in the research related to Fibromyalgia has helped millions of individuals suffering.  All of them attested to the significant improvement in their health and decreased episodes of grueling pain.  Researchers directing the study focused their findings on the skin of the patients’ hands with a fibromyalgia condition.  They realized that the person has a significantly reduced nerve fiber in their hand, decreasing their capacity to respond to pain.  They uncovered different nerve fibers called arteriole-venule in the sample, which is a sensory fiber responsible for regulating blood circulation.    The research shows the direct connection between Fibromyalgia and nerve fiber.  Most of them are experiencing pain in their hands which tends to worsen during the cold season.


The Effect of the Findings

 Fibromyalgia treatment

Dr. Frank Rice, a neurologist involved in the research, explained that they previously thought these nerves were only responsible for blood circulation.  However, with the latest findings of their study, they now have concrete evidence to prove that these blood vessels also contribute to our sensory and the pain we are feeling.

 Fibromyalgia treatment

The current treatment processes conducted on most people who have Fibromyalgia do not provide the slightest relief to them.  Doctors generally prescribe antidepressants, anti-seizure, and narcotic analgesics, hoping to improve their condition.  They will also recommend the patient get an adequate amount of sleep to eliminate the tension in their body.  The condition is being underrated due to the low awareness about the disease considering the severity of the pain and symptoms associated with it.  Hopefully, with the latest findings, health professionals will now be able to devise a more effective treatment designed to combat the prevalent symptoms of this health disorder.


The fantastic discovery can perhaps answer the mystery behind the condition affecting millions of people worldwide and may probably wholly cure the disease in the near future.

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