Symptoms of Colon Cancer

 The colon is the last section of the tube that spans from the mouth to the anus. Colorectal cancer begins if the natural substitution of the cells in the lining goes abnormal. During this instance, the cell division in the mucosal creates frequent errors. The reasons for this cannot be fully comprehended. However, in case that it occurs, the abnormal cells will begin to divide and grow, which can increase the mass of the polyp. 


How Colon Cancer Develops


Colon Cancer Signs

The size of polyps differs but will slowly grow after an extended time. While they are producing, the genetic mutation can deeply destabilize these cells. Once the polyp invades the other lining of the large intestine, it will become cancerous. Unlike any cancerous cell, colon cancers take at least 8-10 years to develop. In Singapore, Colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer, affecting around 17.2% of the male population and 13.3% of the female population. There are prevalent symptoms of colon cancer, but these signs and symptoms can also relate to other health conditions.


Common Symptoms of Colon Cancer


Some of the most common signs of CRC may not be that obvious, mainly when the symptoms occur in young adults. There are also instances when the health condition will not show any signs and symptoms of colon cancer. The most prevalent condition includes the following:


·         Diarrhea that lasts longer than the average


·         Constipation also lasts for quite some time.


·         Unexplainable weight loss


·         Persistent vomiting


·         Change in bowel movement habits. There is a distinct foul smell, and the stool appears to be narrow as a pencil.


·         Bloating, cramps, and gaseous


·         Sudden fatigue and weakness


·         Anemia


·         Excessive abdominal pain that brings a feeling of discomfort


·         Blood spots in the stool mean the bleeding is in the lower colon or rectum; a dark tarry stool is a more serious sign.


Other Prevalent Symptoms of Colon Cancer

 Colon Cancer Signs

You need to be aware that these symptoms of colon cancer can also occur in different medical conditions such as infection, hemorrhoids, and IBD. Nonetheless, that does not mean you should disregard any of the symptoms mentioned above. If you are feeling a certain sense of discomfort and changes in your body condition, seek the help of our doctor immediately.


Although symptoms of colon cancer can point to other chronic conditions, there is also a probability that it is the cause of cancer. In case that you have already acquired treatment, but the symptoms are still persistent, make sure that you will continue looking for the culprit. In the last few years, some of the initial diagnosis that turns out to be colon cancer includes lactose intolerance, allergies, anal fissure, hernia, ulcer, problem on the gall bladder, spastic colon, appendicitis, Colitis, Parasite, IBS, stress, and hemorrhoids.

Colon Cancer Signs


In most cases, symptoms of colon cancer can start at the age of 50, but cancer can also begin at the very early age of 20. At least 10% of colon cancer occurs below 50 years old. Remember that there is a high risk of contracting this disease if you have a family history, Lynch syndrome, and FAP or Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (Not the FAP you are thinking of).

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