Simple Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

We are all aware that a simple morning exercise and stretch can help you fulfill your responsibilities and duties throughout the day.  However, not most of us know that simple stretches before you go to bed can improve your breathing and relieve some stress, giving you a better sleep.  Here are 5 of the most recommended stretches to improve your sleep that you should be doing before bedtime.


5 Stretches to Improve Your Sleep


Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

Remember not to overdo your exercise before sleeping. These simple stretches would be enough to ease your stress and grant you a relaxing sleep.


Shoulder and Back Rolls


We always tend to hunch during our extended work hours, which creates stress on our neck, back, and shoulder.  To alleviate the stress, do some backroll by using the wall to support your back.  

Lean on the wall until your shoulder and butt are touching the wall.  Make sure that the sole of your feet is not touching the wall.  

Make it at least 1 foot away from the wall.  Roll up and move on the wall slowly.  Repeat this process until you feel relaxed.


Twist Stretch

 Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

Twist exercise offers a lot of advantages to our torso.  They can improve the function of our digestive system and relax our abdomen, neck, shoulder, and back.  

One popular type of twist would be the cat twist.  Start by copying the cat position wherein your hands are below your shoulder and your knees are below your hips to do the cat twist.  

Take a deep breath while pulling the belly in, creating a round back; at the same time, drop your tailbone and your head on the floor.  

Perform the cat twist at least four times.  After that, stay in the basic cat position, slowly move your right arm under the left leg and the left arm.  

Twist the right shoulder, temple, and arm on the ground.  Exhale and inhale several times.


Bridge Stretch


The Bridge stretch can help you catch a better sleep.  To do this position, lie on the ground and keep your knees up and your arms down. 

Use your heels to press and utilize the muscles of your abdomen to raise your torso and hips.  Hold that position while doing the proper breathing.


Side Bend Sitting


Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

The side bend will not only relax your neck and shoulder but will also relax your oblique, back, and arms.  Take a seat and cross your legs.  

Reach on the floor using the right hand and raise your left arm.  While you are extending your left arm, keep your butt and your shoulder down.  

Repeat it on the other side.


Wall Stretches

 Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

Sit while facing the wall.  Lie on the floor and stretch your legs on the wall in an upward position.  

Move your buttocks near the wall, and your legs should be in a perpendicular position on the floor.  Place your arm on your side and hold it for 15 seconds.


So if you want to get better rest and feel energetic the next day, these stretches to improve your sleep can indeed help you.  Start doing this routine, and you will feel refreshed every time you wake up.

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