Signs of Vitamin Deficiency on Face

Suppose you are feeling sloppy, and the doctor suspects that you have a vitamin deficiency. In that case, they may recommend a blood test and other expensive screening to determine the proper way to address your condition.   However, there are more affordable ways to tell if your body lacks an essential mineral or nutrient.  Vitamins are crucial for the health of our skinExperts believe that there are prevalent signs of vitamin deficiency that can manifest on your face.  Here are some signs that can be linked to the lack of vitamins.


Signs of Vitamin Deficiency on Face: Pale Complexion

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency on Face

If you look at the mirror and notice that your skin looks paler than usual, this can be a clear indication of a deficiency in Vitamin B12.  Analyze the texture of your tongue; a rough tongue is a sign that you are healthy.  If it feels smooth, it is another sign that you lack Vitamin B12.  Insufficient supply of Vitamin B12 can lead to poor memory and weakness.  Vitamin B12 can only come from animals, which is why most vegans are highly at risk of contracting a vitamin B12 deficiency.  Poultry eggs, proteins from grass-fed animals, and fishes contain a rich Vitamin B12. Pay attention to these signs of vitamin deficiency on face.


Bad Hair

 Signs of Vitamin Deficiency on Face

Hair Loss, weak hair strands, rough and dry hair, and dandruff are prevalent signs that you do not have an ample supply of Biotin or Vitamin B7.    It is a common condition for people who are taking antibiotics.  Antibiotics can eliminate the bacteria in our digestive system that produce Vitamin B7.  To replenish that lost vitamins, you need to have a daily supply of mushrooms, egg yolks, and cauliflowers.  Avoid egg white since it can affect the body’s absorption of Vitamin B7.  If you plan to take vitamin supplements, be sure to take only the supplements lower than 50mcg.


Puffy Eyes



Bloated legs and puffy eyes are common signs of vitamin deficiency on face, particularly Iodine.  Other related symptoms may include brittle nails, dry skin, and a sudden increase in weight.  Before, our daily source of Iodine can is from salt. However, due to the awareness of the ill effects of excess sodium intake, dieticians now recommend limiting the amount of salt in your food.  Some of the organic sources of Iodine include nori, hijiki, dulse, kelp, and saltwater fish.  The recommended daily intake of Iodine is approximately 150 mcg.  For pregnant women, the intake should be around 220mcg since it is crucial for developing the baby’s brain.


Pale Lips

 Signs of Vitamin Deficiency on Face

Pale gums, lips, and eyelids can indicate Iron Anemia.  This type of nutritional deficiency is common in the US.  Women tend to have lower iron compared to men.  Low iron can lead to unexplained cravings.  There are moments when you will feel like you want to munch on ice, clay, or even mud.  This is your body’s reaction; it simply tells you to ingest iron.  Some of the good sources of iron include fish, spinach, dried beans, and red meat.


Pay attention to these signs of vitamin deficiency on face when you look in front of the mirror.  It will help you understand the essential nutrients missing from your system.

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