10 Signs of Liver Disease

Our liver is one of the most overworked glands in our system.  It is the gland responsible for converting foods into nutrients that our body can use.  These nutrients will then be stored and released when our body needs them.  

Our liver also plays a significant role in producing protein, and it also removes the toxins out of our blood.  It is an essential part of our system that is why we need to take care of it and ensure that it is working in its proper condition. 


10 Signs of Liver Disease


Signs of Liver Disease

Choosing foods that help cleanse our liver will ensure that it is healthy and functioning optimally. However, there are instances when it can no longer filter the toxins in our body.  

Pay attention to these signs of liver disease and receive immediate treatment to prevent the condition from worsening.


1.  Jaundice


Jaundice is referred to as the yellowing of our skin, eyes, and nails.  It happens when our liver cannot process an adequate amount of bilirubin.  

It allows the bilirubin to build up in our bloodstream, which causes discoloration in the various parts of our body. 


2. Itching


Itching is a known symptom of cirrhosis.  There are times that the itch is so unbearable that it can manifest all over our bodies for no reason.  Scratching it can just worsen the situation.


3. Bleeding Easily


Bruising or bleeding easily, such as a nosebleed, can signify a liver malfunction.  Our liver cannot produce the right amount of protein needed to clot our blood during this condition.


4. Hormonal Imbalance

 Signs of Liver Disease

Men who develop moobs or man boobs are often embarrassed about it.  But this should also alarm you; this means that your liver is no longer capable of breaking down hormones.  

Men with enlarged boobs and shrunken penis should call their doctor immediately.


5. Spider Angiomas


Spider Angiomas are like spider web found on the surface of our skin.  These are commonly caused by an inflamed blood vessel, a symptom of cirrhosis.


6. Encephalopathy


Our liver is in constant work to detoxify our blood.  If it is not working, the toxins will circulate all over our body; when these toxins reach our brain, this can cause deterioration in our brain function, also known as hepatic encephalopathy.  

It may cause loss of consciousness and short-term memory loss.


7. Portal Hypertension


When the liver has scarring, the blood circulation can be affected.  It will cause pressure build-up in our veins.  

Portal Hypertension can be depicted as a car that encounters a blocked road and has to take the smaller road.


8. Chronic Fatigue

 Signs of Liver Disease

One of the most known types of liver problems is fatigue.  It is very apparent since its impact on the quality of our life is quite evident. 


9. Appetite Loss


Cytokinesis is one of the factors that affect our appetite.  Cytokinesis engages with cells of our immune system to mediate and regulate the normal process.


10. Swollen Ankle and Legs


If you have noticeable swelling in your ankle and legs for an unknown reason, this may be caused by a fluid build-up.   

The excessive amount of fluid can be pulled by gravity, causing it to sink into the lower hemisphere and settle on your ankle and legs.


Please pay attention to these signs of liver disease and keep it functioning optimally.

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