Shopping Secrets That Will Save You A Lot of Money


If you love shopping, you need to find a way to keep your money inside your pocket while shopping for your favorite items.  So to provide you with a solution, we listed some of the secrets that the shop owners do not want you to know.  Most of the tips listed in this article are industry secrets provided by people working inside the market.


Store Tags May Contain Discount Code


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Store tags can contain hidden information about an impending sale.  To prepare for their sale, there are times that the staff will write a code (letters, numbers, and even dots) on the tag of the item.  If you notice a scribble on the tag of the item you are planning to buy, try to resist the urge to purchase it.  It can mean that this item will be on sale after only a few days.  You will be able to save as much as 50% if you are willing to wait.


Price Ending with 1, 7 and 8


This method is commonly used in an electronic shop.  These shops will generally use the number 1, 7, and 8 at the end of the price to tell their staff that this model will need to be quickly shifted to make room for the newer model.  It can also mean that the manufacturer has already discontinued the manufacturing of the said model.  Those stocks ending in 1 commonly mean that they are old stock.


Using the Online Help Chat Feature

 Buying tips

In case you visit the official shopping store site, sometimes there will be a pop-up window that offers online help.  Most of us will dismiss it, but our insider said that it could be a way to secure a good deal.  But we do not recommend you to ask for a discount out of nowhere; you should first ask some essential questions before hinting about a discount. 


Free Delivery from Amazon


Amazon initially provides a free delivery when you spend £10, but lately, they have increased to £20.  The delivery cost can start from £1.05 and can exponentially increase to £6.  For instance, if you buy a hairdryer worth £19.73, the shipping fee will be about £6.01, increasing your expenses to £25.74.  To address this issue, you can use Amazon UK Super Saver to find a filler item to trick Amazon into giving you free delivery.


Abandon Your Shopping Basket

 Buying tips

The items you choose will end in your shopping basket in your online shopping.  Find something that has a bigger value so that you will also have a bigger discount.  After putting the stuff in your shopping basket, close your browser and do not complete the transaction.  After a few days, try to check your e-mail, and they will possibly send you a code that you can use in your online shopping.  Do not forget to sig-up or they will not know who you are.


We have more secrets in store for you, so make sure to keep yourself notified about our updates.


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