Save Money on Lunch at Work

We are all aware that we can save a lot of money when we bring our lunch to our work, but in reality, we do not know the actual amount we save through this.  You will be surprised to know that a simple act like this can save us a hefty amount of money, based on the research of the leading financial analysts in the country. In this article, we will mention how you can save money on lunch at work.


Tips to Save Money on Lunch at Work


how much money do you save by bringing lunch to work

Some workers love the idea of visiting different local eateries near their workplace and having a lot of food choices to choose from.  Some of us will prefer to spend a few bucks on our morning coffee in a renowned coffee shop rather than to eat breakfast in the comfort of our home.  During the afternoon, we prefer to spend lunchtime with our office mates in a nearby restaurant, and before we even come home, we will still have snack time in a fast-food restaurant. 


In a continuous habit of buying your coffee, snack, and lunch at a local food store, you will spend at least $200 in just three weeks.  It is not wrong to treat yourself to a lavish food style once in a while but going into a restaurant daily is not something you should get used to, especially if you want to save money on lunch at work. Based on the data released by Forbes, a typical American will spend at least $936 yearly on the lunches they bought from the store. Here are some ways to help you save money when you bring your lunch to your work.



 Save Money on Lunch at Work

The typical coffee shop usually puts a $1.5-$2.5 tag price on their coffee. If you want to add flavor to your coffee, the price can increase to $3.  Imagine that doing every day, and you will realize that you are spending too much just for a cup of coffee.  If you want to save money on lunch at work, you have to make an initial investment by buying a coffee maker that costs $75.  The cost of having a coffee in the comfort of your home will be reduced down to $.60.  That alone is already a considerable saving.  The yearly saving money can go up to $600.




how much money do you save by bringing lunch to work 

Lunch is the most significant part of the expenses of the working class.  Here are some of the most common lunch items you purchase and how much they cost you.  It will help you save money on lunch at work.


·         Soup-A bowl of soup can cost you $6 per day.  If you look at it carefully, a pot of soup that can serve up to 8 people only costs $10 or maybe even less.


·         Sandwich-The traditional turkey sandwich complete with TLC will cost $7.5, but if you decide to make one and take it to your work, you will only have to spend $3.  The amount of saving money per day would be $4.5.


·         Salad-Salad in a restaurant usually amounts to $5-$10, depending on the included ingredients.  Some restaurants offer a DIY salad bar where the price is determined by weight and the ingredients.  If you want to make a salad of your own, you may save at least $5.


The standard cost of eating out is around $6.30/meal. Research shows that in one year, you can save as much as $1,222 if you make it a habit to create your lunch. Imagine what you can do with that extra money. Knowing how to save money on lunch at work is also a great way to choose healthier options and enhance your physique.

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