Save Money on Food When Traveling

Food is an essential part of traveling abroad.  Those who choose to skip out the local meals will miss a great deal of their travel experience.  There is just no reason to visit Japan when you will not have the taste of their sushi.  However, most travelers have valid excuses for skipping out the local delicacies; they are expensive most of the time.   Eating out daily will increase your food expenses exponentially.  Fortunately, there are various solutions to save money on food when traveling.


How to Save Money on Food When Travelling


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Here are some ways on how to save money on food when traveling. It is possible to have a taste of the savory and mouth-watering local dishes while saving some money.


Look For Budget-Friendly Establishments


There are ways to save money on food when traveling if you only know where to look.  Buffets will not necessarily provide the best food, but they will give you the best value for your cash.  Some eateries are offering an eat-all-you-can service.  Buffet restaurants will generally cost about $15; outdoor vendors are also a great place to find a quick and cheap meal.  The best ramen you can taste in Japan would be from the ramen cart, while the best-tasting empanada in Costa Rica is available at the outdoor seller.    For those traveling in Southeast Asia, you should never miss the street food, especially in Thailand.  The streets of Thailand are filled with tiny food stalls. The food will not cost more than a dollar, and it is the best way to experience the local foods. 


Lunch Specials

 Save Money on Food When Traveling

Most of the restaurants, particularly in Europe, are offering lunch specials.  During this time, the items found on the menu are offered at a considerable discount.  It is an opportunity for you to get a scrumptious meal and save money on food when traveling.  Meals provided during the lunch specials are generally 30%-40% off.


Refillable Water Bottles


Those who regularly travel are probably aware that water would be one of the costly items during their vacation.  While traveling, you need to make sure that you stay hydrated.  The average cost of bottled water would be around 75cents (and maybe more expensive in other countries).  A regular traveler will need to drink three bottles per day to stay hydrated.  To save money on food when traveling, you may carry a refillable water bottle that comes with a filter.  You should also stay away from soda drinks.


Avoid Snacks

 Save Money on Food When Traveling

You may think that it’s just one gelato, but taking a chocolate bar, a can of soda, pastry, and ice cream from time to time can increase your expenses.  Snack is not necessarily something that most travelers will think about, but it can add to your budget.  Stick with the main filling and satisfying meals when traveling.


Dining in a Michelin-star restaurant will be too expensive for the average traveler.  By following the travel tips provided above, you will save money on food when traveling but still afford a decent meal.

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