Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tarot Card Reader


Having the right frame of mind can assist you in getting the best of your tarot card reading.  It is best to maintain an open mind and accept the answers that will be given to you.  Being open to the psychic reading and the explanations provided can help you remove the shackles and move on with your daily life.  Most often, you probably have an answer deep in your mind before you even decide to ask for a psychic reading.  You are just waiting for a specific confirmation.


List of Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tarot Card Reader


Before hiring a tarot card reader, you must first do proper research and find different credible tarot card readers.  They should have years of experience in the business. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a tarot card reader.


What are their main uses for the tarot card?


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tarot Card Reader

The Tarot card is indeed for a psychic reading, but it has a definite purpose.  Before, it was only used for divination purposes.  Divination is accessing information that is not provided by the five senses. It is how you tap on the energy vibrations and interpret them appropriately.  Today, it is used for three different purposes; Divination, Spell, and the Tree of Life.


What types of Card do they use?


There is a conventional Tarot card mainly used for divination purposes, but there are updated versions of tarot cards that can be used for spells and other advanced practices.  The updated Tarot Card can be connected to the elements. It can also go through a cleansing process to rearrange the actuality of life.  Other advanced levels can only be performed by advanced psychic readers and magicians; most of them are associated with Major Arcana.


Do they use a signifier?

 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tarot Card Reader

The tarot card reader often calls a card connected to someone as a signifier.  It commonly contains all the answers to our questions.  Some Tarot card readers prefer not to use the signifier, causing a less accurate response.  By using a signifier, you can guarantee that the answer you will receive is based on a distinct person or issue.  Signifiers are determined according to the sun sign and chronological order.  Crowley deck is a lot different; it contains a prince or a princess for the teenagers and a knight for the adult males.


Am I ready to accept the answer?

 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tarot Card Reader

The final question you should ask is for yourself.  As it was mentioned above, keeping an open mind will give you the chance to move on.  It is not just a matter of hearing the answer but accepting it.  You may already have the preferred solution to your question before going to a tarot card consultation. But what will you do in case the tarot card reader gives you a different answer?  Should you venture into the path that the tarot card dictates you or trust your instinct?

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