Qualities of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders are those who seek to promote positive changes to their followers. They aim to increase their employees' morale, motivation, and performance. They also encourage them to change their perspective that will help them attain exemplary results. Traditionally, some people think that the values possessed by transformational leaders are inborn qualities.


Learning the Qualities of a Good Transformational Leader

Experts used to believe that these people carry genetics since their ability is difficult to produce or replicate. The characteristics listed below are some of the known qualities of a transformational leader.


They Manage their Ego

 Transformational Leadership

It is relatively easy to let your ego consume you when you hold a powerful position in the organization. Nonetheless, the transformational leader believes that they must control their ego and prevent it from interfering with the interest of the organization or group. With this, they will be able to put the organization's interest ahead of their personal interest. It can also help them motivate their followers and give their best performance.




Transformational leaders will only require a minimum amount of direction. They are self-motivated, and they will use this motivation to lead the group or organization on the proper path. They love doing the things that will lead to their growth, and their core values align with the company's values.


Power to Take Planned Risks

 Transformational Leadership

Taking calculated risks is one of the inherent characteristics of a transformational leader. They highly based their action on their instinct and intelligence. They will also use the information gathered by the team members to create an intelligent decision. This type of leader will be prepared to support the team in researching the essential things to accurately determine the organization's situation.


They Can Create Tough Decision


The transformational leader understands that being a leader does not always mean that everything is sailing smoothly. Some instances will require them to create difficult decisions. By focusing on the organization's goals, objectives, visions, and values, they will be able to make a decision that best suits the situation.


Source of Inspiration


Transformational leaders are the source of inspiration among their followers. They can keep the members of the organization motivated to deliver quality performance and contribute to the growth of the organization. The way they inspire others is not limited to complimenting or acknowledging their outstanding works. They will ensure that their followers feel that they are valued members of the company.


Encourage New Ideas

 Transformational Leadership

A transformational leader should understand that fundamental transformation can only be attained if they remain open and interested in new concepts and ideas. Success is always dependent on the willingness of the team to contribute. They know that the organization's growth can be achieved if they encourage the members to participate and provide ideas without receiving any criticism and judgment.


Those are a few of the defining characteristics of a transformational leader. If you want to adopt this mindset, you need to transform yourself first and cultivate these qualities.

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