Prevention of Eye Strain from Computers


Tired eyes can happen when our eyes feel irritated and tired after a prolonged period of focusing keenly on our gadgets or computer screen, driving for an extensive period, and reading a book.  It is a relatively common condition, especially in this digital age where eye strain from computers can lead to computer vision syndrome. Usually, this condition can easily be treated by using a non-invasive and simple method.  However, for prolonged eye irritation, it is recommended to set an appointment with your doctor to discuss your condition.


How Can Eye Strain be Prevented?


Tired eyes and headaches

Here are some easy tips that you can do to prevent tired eyes and headaches.  Gradually incorporate these into your habit, and you can successfully address your eye strain from computers.


20-20-20 Rule


Eye strain generally occurs when someone is too focused or fixated on a regular activity for a prolonged period without taking a break.  To avoid this condition, it is highly advised to shift the focus to other activities every 20 minutes.  Focus your attention on something approximately 20-feet away for around 20 seconds.  If you are required to focus on your driving or the computer screen all day, make sure to keep it balanced by using your eyes differently, such as walking in natural light.  It will help you relieve symptoms of eye strain from computer.


Proper Lighting

 Tired eyes and headaches

Suitable lighting can also help immensely in improving your tired eyes.    Your lighting should never be too bright or too dim.  For those who love reading at night, the light should come behind you.    For those watching TV, dim the lights to reduce your eye strain.  The TV, computer, or gadget screen should have the proper brightness.  Glaring may also contribute to tired eyes and headaches.  Use a filter to reduce the glare of your device or computer.




For those who have eye strain from computer, simple blinking can help prevent irritation and dryness.   Blinking will moisten our eyes which can prevent eye strain.  People working in front of the computer tend to blink less often.  Because of this, the tears that are commonly coating our eyes will rapidly evaporate, ultimately leading to dry eyes.  You may also consult your doctors about the artificial tears you can use during your work; this is different from the eye drops that lubricate our eyes.


You may also do simple eye exercises to eliminate the symptoms of eye strain from computer.  It will significantly reduce the possibility of locking up your eye's focus, also called an accommodative spasm.  Simple eye exercise can reduce the risk of tired eyes.


Simple Eye Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain from Computer

 eye strain from computer

Spending long hours in front of the computer screen will result in tired eyes.  The heightened visual demand, improper lighting, and insufficient blinking are just some factors that may lead to this condition.  In addition, most of us also use reading devices instead of books, which can worsen the situation.  Millions of people worldwide are suffering from this condition due to the nature of their work.  Eye strain can hamper your productivity, cause headaches, errors in work, and even glaucoma.  To relieve the symptoms of eye strain from computer, simple exercises can do wonders.


Eye Exercises That Will Eliminate Eye Strain from Computer

 Tired eyes and headaches

Some eyes exercises will help the eyes feel better and make you more productive.  It works like a pain reliever that will prevent tired eyes and headaches.




A great way to exercise your eyes is to focus them on far and near objects.  When starting this exercise, you should sit in a comfortable position.   Place your thumb at least 10inches away from the eye.  Keep on focusing on your thumb, even on the smallest detail, for at least 20 seconds.  Then look around your area and choose an object about 20 feet away from you.  Focus on that for 20 seconds, and immediately shift your focus to your thumb again.  You should continue doing this eye exercise for at least 3 minutes to get rid of tired eyes from computer and perhaps improve your vision.


Eye Rolling

 Tired eyes and headaches

The eye-rolling exercise works like the neck rolls.  It is also known as the round-the-clock exercise.  Start by imagining a clock and close your eyes.  Picture the numbers 6 and 12 in your mind.  While your eyes are closed, slowly rotate down, starting from the 12 number up to 6 clockwise.  Do this exercise at least 15 times to prevent tired eyes and dizziness.   After that, imagine the numbers 3 and 9 rotating your eyes clockwise from the 3 positions to 9.  It should be done about 20 times.  It will correct your blurry vision and relieve you from eye strain causing headaches.




Simple blinking will help you in improving your focus.  Nowadays, most people spend a prolonged period in front of their computers.  If this is your case, then you are probably not blinking enough.    Sometimes our attention gets too fixated with the screen that we do not blink enough.  Blinking will not only relax the muscle of your eye but will also rehydrate your eyes and prevent tired eyes.  Blink every 4 seconds; this will help improve your vision and eliminate eye irritation.

 eye strain from computer

These eye exercises are some ways on how you can naturally enhance your vision and prevent eye strain.  It will make your eyes stronger and soothe your eyes from the stress of focusing on extensive hours in front of the computer screen.  Like regular exercise, you should also supply your eyes with a healthy diet to guarantee that they will remain sharp.

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