Prevalent Signs of High Blood Sugar Level


According to the American Diabetes Association, at least 86 million people in America suffer from a pre-diabetic condition.  In addition, those who refuse to neglect their health needs and those who do not make the necessary dietary and lifestyle adjustment is highly at risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.  It can lead to damage to your kidneys, blood vessel, eyes and nerves if not treated properly. Make sure to be aware of the early signs of high blood sugar level to prevent the condition from progressing.


Common Signs of High Blood Sugar Level


Signs of High Blood Sugar Level

Hyperglycemia or elevated blood sugar is common for people who have diabetes.  It occurs typically when diabetic neglects their diet and overeat since they have low insulin that can regulate the blood sugar.  There are also instances when stress can lead to diabetes.  It is essential to be aware of the symptoms if you or a family member has diabetes.  Some signs of hyperglycemia may include:


  • ·         Nerve issue 
  • ·         A sudden increase in weight
  • ·         Dry and itchy skin 
  • ·         Constant thirst 
  • ·         Unexplained fatigue 
  • ·         Severe tiredness 
  • ·         Wounds that heal longer 
  • ·         Recurrent infections 
  • ·         Digestive problems, especially in the stomach 
  • ·         Difficulty in focusing 
  • ·         Impotence 
  • ·         Frequent urge to urinate, especially at night 
  • ·         Dry mouth 
  • ·         Distorted vision


GI (Glycemix Index)


Glycemic Index or GI is measured from 0-100.  It typically measures the amount of carbohydrates found in our food.  It can affect the amount of blood glucose in our system.  Remember that the food with a high GI content can be broken down faster than the foods with a lower GI.  So in case you want to prevent the symptoms of hyperglycemia, you need to increase your intake of food with low GI since they also have lower levels of insulin.  In addition, these types of food can be used to manage our weight.


Foods with Lower GI

 Signs of High Blood Sugar Level

Some of the foods with low GI include turkey sausage, walnut, broccoli, and egg.  Eating the food at the right amount can avert these signs and prevent the risk of developing heart disease.  Other ingredients with low GI content include peas, banana, orange, carrot, pineapple juice, green grapes, spaghetti, tomato juice, apple, kidney beans, butter beans, yogurt, grapefruit, cherries, cashew, and onion.  The glycemic index of these foods ranges from 0-54.


Foods that You Must Avoid

 Signs of High Blood Sugar Level

Moderate content of GI should be consumed on an occasional basis and with caution.  Their GI can range from 55-69 GI.  It may include a serving of rice, mac and cheese, oatmeal, and honey.  Foods containing an elevated GI range from 70-100 should be avoided at all costs.    Foods such as doughnuts, baked potato, popcorn, and white bread should be eliminated from your diet.


If you find this article about signs of high blood sugar level helpful, we encourage you to share it with your friends.  It may also help them avert the symptoms of hyperglycemia and can increase the quality of their life.  By eating foods that have low GI levels and maintaining an active lifestyle, you will have a healthy life and possibly reverse the diabetes condition.

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