Practical Ways on How to Improve Myself


People taking the ‘self-betterment’ journey are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves.   It is a continuous adventure wherein the person needs to fully embrace the changes and be honest, especially with himself.  We are all destined to commit mistakes as we progress deeper into this journey.   These mistakes should never discourage you; instead, you should look at them as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself.  In my case, when I was thinking of ways on how to improve myself, here are some of the things that I learned.


Having a Positive Attitude


How to improve myself

Having a positive outlook in life means that you are choosing happiness.  In this journey, you have to stay optimistic at all times.  It means that you will not look at your failures negatively, and your motivation will remain high.  You will commit a lot of wrong decisions in life, but those who succeeded in life can push forward regardless of the circumstances.   Being positive is one of my effective ways on how to improve myself. Also, try to surround yourself with positive people.


Motivate Yourself

 Never give up

There are different ways to motivate yourself; one of the most effective methods is writing down your ultimate goal in life and the rewards you will enjoy once you reach that goal.  Whenever you feel discouraged or think that your motivation is wavering, simply look at your goal and you will instantly be reminded why you decided to stick with your plan.  When motivating yourself, you should remain gentle and stop criticizing yourself.  It is one thing that I learned on how to improve myself.  Being gentle with yourself is not easy.  You will always think that you failed yourself when you committed a mistake.  Remind yourself that this is not a race, and you will eventually get to the podium as long as you continue investing the right amount of effort.


Acknowledge a Great Job

 How to improve yourself

When I was starting to look for ways on how to improve myself, I forgot one of the essential things about it.  I am too busy improving my craft that I have already failed to acknowledge myself for a job well done.  Rewarding myself with small things helped me stay motivated and boosted my morale.   I also realized that I am reaching my goal much faster compared before. 


Eliminate Fear


One of the worst enemies that I had to face when learning how to improve myself is fear.  I am scared about failures and committing mistakes, so I always decided to stay on the safe side and not take a risk.  However, I realized that my fear of committing mistakes prevents me from showcasing my talent and pulls me down.   By looking at the things that I fear the most, I was able to find the things that I had to improve.


These are some of the ways on how to improve myself.   Hope you were able to learn a thing or two about my experience and apply it on your journey of self-improvement. Stop comparing yourself to the journey of others. You have your battle to fight. If you keep looking at the other lane, you will only get distracted from your goal.

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