Outdoor Post Lamps Buying Guide

Outdoor post lamps can add that luxurious and elegant finish to the outdoor architecture and landscape design in a residential and commercial setting.  They can be a functional or decorative tool that can enhance the security and beauty of the surrounding.  These lamp posts can be manufactured using different materials such as aluminum, copper, and wood, and they are also available in varying heights.  The upscale version of the lamp post can be customizable.  There are also gas and electrical posts that can add charm to the garden and patio.  Tall lamp posts are ideal for illuminating broad areas such as pathways.  There are so many things to consider when buying an outdoor lamp post, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming.


Ultimate Guide on Buying Outdoor Post Lamps


Outdoor Post Lamps Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you are looking for functional or aesthetic lighting fixtures, this article will serve as your guide in purchasing outdoor post lamps.


The Type of Lighting Fixture


Lamp posts are traditionally used in private dwellings and communities.  They can be used in a residential or commercial setting to provide an aesthetic or functional solution.  They are an ideal source of light, and they will also improve the brilliance of the landscape.  Safety lightings placed on the walkway can also provide added security.  The gas outdoor post lamps emanate that authentic shine and create that distinctive soft sound.  A high or low voltage DC may power electric lights.  Alternatively, there are also solar-powered models.  With electric lamps, you can integrate timers and daylight sensors easily.


The Height of the Post

 Outdoor Post Lamps Buying Guide

When you think about the required height of the outdoor post lamps, you need to consider installing them on an elevated base.    You also need to consider the type of lighting fixture you will introduce in the area, especially if you purchase the post and the fixture separately.   Lamp posts with short heights are great for smaller sizes.  Taller variations of lamp posts are commonly used in parks, walkways, and driveways.


Materials Used

 Outdoor Post Lamps Buying Guide

Outdoor post lamps are commonly made from aluminum, copper, and wood materials.  Wood posts have low resistance against outdoor elements, but they can be coated with paint to enhance protection.  Aluminum has a high resistance against corrosion, and they are durable.  Copper has resistance against several elements; however, it can be expensive.  There are also lamp posts that are coated with copper.  These lighting fixtures are generally exposed to the outdoor elements, so it is essential to consider the local climate.


Finally, you should also pay attention to the characteristic of the Outdoor post lamps.  The style of the lamp should depend upon the personal need and tastes of the buyer.  Follow this guide when you plan to purchase an outdoor post that will illuminate your garden.

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