Last-Minute Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

The policyholder can change the beneficiaries at their policy, anytime, and without the consent of the existing beneficiaries unless, of course, that the listed beneficiary remains irrevocable.  On the side of the beneficiaries, there may be instances that they will not be aware of the policy changes.  They may not know that they will no longer be receiving proceeds and death benefits after the death of the insured.   Life insurance beneficiary change can happen days after the demise of the insured.


Is the Last-Minute Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Valid?


Last-Minute Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

The validity of the last-minute life insurance beneficiary change can be contested.  The alteration in the beneficiary can count if the insured owner completely understands the changes they are signing and the repercussions that can happen should they make the changes.  The policyholder should possess a sound mind and should not be in any type of influence, threat, and pressure to make it valid. 


Every insurance company has different policies and rules regarding the life insurance beneficiary change.  Generally, they should require you to make a change in the presence of the witnesses.  It should also comply with the rules, and the changes need to arrive at the company before the death of the insured to make it in full effect.


How to Contest Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

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If there has been a life insurance beneficiary change, the original beneficiary of the life insurance may not be fully aware of the change.  Both the new and the previous beneficiaries can file for a claim.  In this case, the insurance company will analyze the changes made and ensure that the entire provision has been met.  If the change is valid, the proceeds and benefits will go to the new beneficiary.



The previous beneficiary may contest the change by providing evidence of fraud.  In case the owner of the policy made the change under duress, undue influence, and lack of capacity to understand, it can be considered a frivolous life insurance beneficiary change.  In the case of the contested beneficiary, it is highly likely to be an interpleader.


Why Do You Need to Hire a Life Insurance lawyer?

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It is quite a complex process, and you will possibly require the help of a life insurance lawyer with expertise on frivolous life insurance beneficiary change.  If you are hoping to receive benefits and find out that there has been a last-minute change, you need to ensure that help will always be there.


They Can Apply the State and Federal Laws


When analyzing the dispute, the life insurance lawyer will first determine if the Federal or state law applies. This process could be complicated; generally, state laws are valid unless the insured has obtained their policy through their employer. Should the insured receive the policy as a part of their employment, it will most likely be governed under Federal law. People who lack knowledge of this will find the process intricate. Still, with the help of the lawyer, you have powerful support to deal with a frivolous life insurance beneficiary change.


They Can Help You Reach a Favorable Settlement


Your lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that your ultimate interest is upheld. They will successfully contest the life insurance beneficiary change and choose a favorable settlement for you in most instances. Without their help, the complex matters surrounding life insurance can easily overwhelm you, and you may end up with nothing. They can also educate you about your rights and the best possible legal actions.




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