How to Survive in the Wilderness


Imagine this situation; you are lost in the forest, darkness is starting to envelop the whole place, and it is implausible that any help will come.  You are currently thinking about finding a safe spot before the outside elements get you.  Perhaps you have a complete GPS and smartphone apps, but what will happen if you have an injury, or the phone battery dies.  Most of us who love to experience the outdoor need to possess some survival skills for this unfortunate moment.


Skills We Can Use to Survive in the Wilderness


How to Survive in the Wilderness

Disaster happens; it is not a question of if but when.  You can read hundreds of survival tips or watch various YouTube videos, but until you experience it first-hand, it will be highly impossible for you to determine the actions you need to take.  All you can do is to survive. If you are alone in the wild, the methods below will increase the probability that you will survive in the wilderness.


Finding the Perfect Campsite

 How to Survive in the Wilderness

When you are stranded inside the wood, you need to do your best to stay dry.  Never camp at the path or valleys where there is a possibility that the waters will flow in your direction.  Find a campsite that will be free from dangers. Avoid weak branches of trees that may crash or a colossal nest of insects.  A perfect camp should be high; however, it should also be close to dry woods and running water.  Also, find a place with rock walls to shelter you from outside elements.


Creating Your Shelter


The major outdoor killer is not the wild beast but hypothermia, which means that you need to act fast in creating a well-insulated sanctuary, especially if you are in an extended survival condition. Find a tree branch or a tree at a leaning angle and stack it with smaller branches.  Create a surface with 6 inches of debris such as moss and leaves that you can lie on.  Cover the walls with fragments that will completely insulate your shelter.



Starting a Fire

 How to Survive in the Wilderness

There are various ways to start a fire, but the easiest way for you to do it is to create your fire using your battery.  You only need to short circuit the battery; you can do this using a foil (particularly those that you can find in your gum wrapper) and connect the positive and negative terminals.  It will create a spark that will allow you to start your fire.  Your fire needs to be built using light materials, and the sizes of wood should be initially in small sizes, from the size of the toothpick to the average pencil.  It will allow the oxygen to circulate and strengthen the flame before adding additional wood. Be sure to put off the fire after using it; you don’t want to start a wildfire.


Finally, if you are not yet familiar with these survival skills, remember to bring someone adept on outdoor adventures.  Remember to tell your loved ones about your destinations before you proceed with your experience in the wild.

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