How to Start a Dog and Cat Kennel Business

According to the American Pet Product Association report, the pet service industry has grown at an unprecedented rate. The dog and cat kennel business represents a significant component of this increase. Boarding kennels may range from the no-frills outdoor/indoor pet clinics that feature practical bedding to the luxurious dog runs with exceptional facilities and plush beds. One great thing about opening a dog and cat kennel business is that you can control your business's size and growth.


Guide on How to Start a Dog and Cat Kennel Business

It could be a dreambusiness for those who love cats and dogs. You are enjoying every minute of it while gaining a sizable income. You will realize that starting a dog and cat kennel business is relatively easy if you follow simple steps.

How to Start a Dog and Cat Kennel Business


Start Gaining Experience


If you plan to start a boarding kennel, it is necessary to gain experience first to have an organized and established operation. You can sign up as a volunteer in the local animal department that will help you learn about the behaviors of cats and dogs. You will also gain knowledge on how to properly maintain your facility and ways to ensure the health of the animals. Related experience and educational fields such as dog walker, pet sitter, or veterinary technician are highly desirable.


Business Considerations

 How to Start a Dog and Cat Kennel Business

Before starting your dog and cat kennel business, you need to address different legal and business matters. Start by talking with your accountant or lawyer and ask them the disadvantages and advantages of forming the legal entity of your business. You should also contact the local government and ask them about the zoning regulations. Ask them about the license and permit that will allow them to operate legally in the business.


Looking for the Facility


If there is no existing boarding kennel available for purchase, you will probably be forced to build it from scratch. When choosing a facility, you need to consider the physical location. Your facility's proximity to an area that is densely populated can help you guarantee that you will have a profitable business. The boarding kennel will include play areas, dog runs, and several cages. There should also be an agility course and a splash pool. Your facilities should be able to maintain the ideal temperature that will ensure the pets' comfort.


Finding Your Employees

 How to Start a Dog and Cat Kennel Business

When starting a boarding kennel, you will need the help of several employees to deliver high-quality service. You may need to hire a receptionist, kennel attendant, and kennel manager. You may also require the assistance of a third-party service provider such as a trainer and groomer. Your employees should have years of experience interacting with pets, delivering general care, and administering drugs. You need to have an adequate staff since you will need to supervise the animals 24/7.


It would be best to advertise your dog and cat kennel business. You can develop the official website of your business or open a business page on social media platforms. You may also leave your flyers on areas where you will find your potential clients, such as dog parks, pet stores, pet supply stores, and veterinary clinics. Online marketing can be the perfect way to reach your targeted audience. Build a strong presence on various social media platforms, especially visual-based channels like Instagram.

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