How To Make a Living in General Aviation

There have been so many speculations about the health of the aviation industry; people are saying that it is dying but based on the available data, it is just entering a new phase. The industry is reacting to the current state of the U.S. economy. The transition is due to the phasing out of older models, the pandemic, and the introduction of innovation.


Top In-demand Career in General Aviation


General Aviation Career

The design of the economy today also tends to favor the smaller market, which is one of the realities that aviation companies need to confront. If you want to make a living in the general aviation industry, here are the top careers in demand in aviation.


A.G. Pilot


AG pilot is one of the most demanding careers in general aviation, and it is also dangerous. The most common service of A.G. Pilots would be to conduct an aerial application of chemicals, fertilizers, and seeds. They are required to operate an aircraft that is heavily loaded and in exact proximity to the surface to deliver the package to the accurate area. This job requires experience, expertise, and skills in flying. If you manage to master the skills needed, the career can be rewarding; other individuals who started into this career are now operating their businesses that offer such services.


Pipeline Patrol Pilot

 General Aviation Career

Pipeline Patrol is another low-level flying career; the pilot is required to fly miles and miles of powerlines and pipelines all over the U.S. The pilot must follow a distinct route to make his task a success. You are tasked to check for disturbance, damage, and defect on the pipeline. You will then relay the information to the ground level once you find abnormalities.




Like any other industry, the aviation industry also has a high demand for teachers. For a lot of pilots, they tried to choose this career path after they received their license. Over the years, the career as a teacher in aviation has significantly changed. From being a way to build their flight hours, different universities across the U.S. are now offering aviation programs wherein the licensed aviation instructor will receive a handsome reward.


Charter Pilot


If a pilot collected enough flight time, his next option would be to become a charter pilot. But similar to other careers on this list, being a charter pilot has become a steady airline job. These pilots fly the heavies, such as the Lockheed10s and Boeing 747.


Aerial Photography

 General Aviation Career

Another in-demand option to make a living in the general aviation sector would be to work as an aerial photography pilot. They are pilots who are surveying a specific property. Other pilots who previously worked in aerial photography are now running similar businesses. If you love photography and flying, this is the right opportunity for you to enjoy both.


If you think that a general aviation career is not rewarding, the above list should make you think twice. Aviation is a prosperous industry, and it provides handsome rewards to those with the right skill and dedication.

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