How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically


Business owners and marketers who are just starting with their Facebook page will think it is relatively easy to manage.  They believe that they only have to update their walls regularly and cross their fingers that the audience will start interacting with them.  However, it is more complex than that.  Because of this intricacy, most marketers just decided to give up on updating their walls since they do not see the dramatic improvement despite their efforts. Here are some ways on how to increase Facebook engagement organically.


Practical Ways on How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically


How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

Let me clarify things; the last thing that Facebook users want to see on your timeline is your product advertisement.  Most of them have been bombarded with shameless promotions on different media platforms every day.  They did not join this social media platform to see your advertisement.  To learn how to increase Facebook engagement organically, you have to make sure it is personal and relevant.  Here are some practical ways to accomplish that.


Ask the Relevant Questions


Questions are the best way to spark a conversation with your audience.  It is the easiest way that you can use to make the audience respond to your post.  However, there are lots of questions that you can use. You can use a question that is specific and has a particular answer.  You may also keep it short and limit the answer to just Yes or No or True or False.  Make it fun and base it on their experience.  If it is possible, create a timely question.


The Timing


Timing is one of the crucial factors you need to consider when posting your content on Facebook.  Think about it, would the engagement level of your post increase if all your targeted audience is working or sleeping?  The best time to update your wall is when they are in transit and after their work.  Based on the study, this is the time that they are checking their social media account.


Your Photo

 How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

On Facebook, your picture is worth more than a thousand words.  Photos have a higher engagement level than links and posts since they tend to stand out. They are colorful and concise, and the mind can easily digest the message it wants to convey.  It may not be surprising that memes have a higher engagement rate than other posts.


Holding a Contest

 How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

The online contest is a great way to increase your engagement level dramatically.  It creates that level of excitement that makes your audience visit your page from time to time.  It also aims to reward your loyal consumers.  There are varieties of contests that you can execute on Facebook.  For instance, voting contests will drive in the likes but not the number of comments that you probably want. 


These are just some of the most effective ways on how to increase Facebook engagement organically.  It will not only build the visibility of your company but will also enhance your online credibility.

Boosting Facebook Engagement With Organic Content


Content will always be the king; we have always been aware of this fact. It dictates how your brand will talk to the audience, eventually turning them into potential customers. The constant change in the algorithm of the search engine platform has been rewarding people who are putting their investment and effort into creating organic and original content. Creating organic content is a proven effective method if your goal is to increase your social media presenceand influence. Here are more points to ponder if you want to know how to increase Facebook engagement organically.


How do You Define Organic Content?


How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

Organic content refers to the resources in your websites that are authentically and uniquely developed by the owner or admin of the site, the visitor, and the website user. This page will then be crawled by the spiders and listed by the search engine sites. This will make them accessible when a user searches using a particular keyword. Organic content is intended to receive a higher level of authority and visibility since search engine prioritizes them. The more original content you have, the more information you can provide to your audience. Thus, learning how to increase Facebook engagement organically through content is essential.


The Challenge on Social Media Content

 How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

Over the years, the social media platform has changed and developed into something that emphasizes organic content. The algorithm of Facebook's News Feed has increased the reach of the individual posts while mitigating the reach of the brand posts. This has greatly improved the platform's user experience, wherein the users will only see the things they want to see on their news feeds. However, for the brands who want to improve their visibility, it may come as a challenge since the visibility of their post has been dramatically reduced. To find a solution to this problem, most companies have resulted to the paid-advertising to bring their content to their audience. This also instructed most brands to limit their investment in their content marketing strategy.


Why do You Need an Organic Content Strategy

 How to Increase Facebook Engagement Organically

The robust and active community of the social media platform will sometimes make you feel that it is too much to keep up. After all, regularly posting infographics, presentations, photos, videos, podcasts, and blog posts can be overwhelming. If you overlook quality and go for quantity, your audience will not take their time and look at your content. This is why introducing quality and organic content is essential.


While paid advertising can give you a desirable result, you don't want to spend all your marketing resources here. You will need to reserve a budget for producing organic content. To guarantee that your content will be engaging, relevant, and informative, seek the help of a content specialist. Be sure to consider their experience, skills, and expertise to guarantee that you will stay on top of your content marketing campaign. They can also help you with effective budget spending by putting your resources into creating organic content with a high level of engagement and performance. Hopefully, you now have the answer to the question "how to increase Facebook engagement organically?"


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