How to Create the Effective Instagram Ads


Instagram is a social media platform where users can share their original and enticing visual content. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Instagram comes with a feature that enables the users to create an ad to increase the conversion rate and boost the business's revenue. Based on the report, at least 75% of the Instagram community are willing to conduct actions such as viewing the advertisement, visiting the official website, and completing a purchase. However, creating an Instagram ad that will be effective requires planning and careful thinking.


Guide in Creating an Effective Instagram Ad for Your eCommerce Business


When you want to develop Instagram ads to increase your sales, there are things that you need to remember. We decided to break it down into simple steps to make it easier for you.

How to Create the Effective Instagram Ads

Influence the Instagram Behaviour of Your Followers


Perhaps one of the biggest problems in creating ads to boost sales is that many Instagram users are still unaware of how they can interact with the platform. It means that you have to influence their behavior first. Remember that Instagram was not the original choice of the marketers when advertising their brand. So it is only natural that most users are not aware of how to initiate purchase using Instagram. The best way to do it is to explain how they can complete the purchase to your audience. For instance, you may add a call-to-action description to encourage your followers to buy your product.


Make it Sound and Look Friendly

 How to Create the Effective Instagram Ads

Compared to Facebook, the ads on this platform are not saturated. You don't want to create an advertisement that will look inorganic. Instagram users use the platform to look at the beautiful content and not engage with your ads. It would be best to create an ad that will blend in with the usual content on the platform. When users check their newsfeed, you want your content to resemble the other contents in their newsfeed.




Learn about Video Ads

 How to Create the Effective Instagram Ads

Before you create the ad for your eCommerce account, you must be aware of your targeted audience. In case you have a broad target, the possibility of creating a conversion is relatively low. On the off chance that you have a narrow target, then you will not achieve the desired volume level. It is essential to learn through video ads to understand your targeted audience. According to the reports, older women aged 45-54 will engage longer with video ads than younger audiences. It means that you have to adjust your ads depending on your targeted audience.


Finally, you should also consider adding the Facebook Pixel on the page of your eCommerce site. It will be an ideal tool to develop ads that will retarget those who expressed their interest in your ads. This process will most likely lead to a better conversion rate since you target the people who are already interested in your products. When creating Instagram ads, you need to execute multiple actions and adjust your strategy until you find that perfect recipe.

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