How Processed and Sugary Foods Affect Your Kids

As parents, we try to provide our kids with healthy activities sustenance.  As much as possible, we avoid processed food and sugary products, but there is something with them that makes them alluring to our kids.  Forcing them to eat healthier food when they have options will not work.  The solution you are looking for is pretty basic.  Try to prevent them from having that option or answer them with a firm 'No' when they ask for it.


The Result of Eating Less Healthy Food to Your Kids


Processed foods danger

Some people think that it is just plain crazy to be too concerned about eating sugary and processed food considering there is too much pressure in our lives.  However, diets rich in sugar and processed elements have a distinct impact on our health.  Here are just some of the health conditions linked to these types of food.




In a 2011 study published in Lancet, children who have ADHD were asked to remove processed food from their diet for a predetermined duration.  The result was astounding as the children showed an enormous decrease in the symptoms of ADHD.  When the processed foods were reintroduced in their diet, the symptoms of ADHD were greatly intensified. While there is still no solid evidence on the relation of ADHD to additives, some studies have already shown that preservatives and food colorings are possibly contributing factors to this condition.



 Processed foods danger

Nowadays, adults are not the only the ones at risk of contracting a type 2 diabetes condition.  Aside from the type 1 diabetes common in our kids, they are also at risk of getting type 2 diabetes if they are exposed to sugary foods and processed food.  In fact, according to research published at Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, a diet concentrated with these foods can lead to insulin resistance due to the amount of AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproduct).



 Processed foods danger

A study published on Clinical Epigenetics last 2012 stated that the high amount of additives and fillers found in processed food could cause developmental disorders.  The high ingestion of fructose found in corn syrup can lead to mineral deficiencies resulting in the autism spectrum. Last 2019, UCF (University of Central Florida) also reported that consuming foods that have high preservatives while pregnant leads to a higher risk of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).


Typically, the studies and research mentioned above have certain limitations, but it seems that sugary and processed food has specific ramifications on our kids' health.  Try to keep your kids away from corn syrup with a high content of fructose, trans fat, MSG, Artificial coloring, sugar alcohol, BHT, Nitrates, Wheat Flour, Soybeal oil palm oil and corn oil, and artificial sweeteners. Keeping your kids away from these foods is not just getting rid of a particular ingredient; you will have to be committed to revamping the way you deal with food preparation.  It will let you enjoy the foods while allowing you to be cautious and responsible for your food choices.

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