Good and Bad User Interface Web Design


You can compare User Interface (UI) to visiting someone's house. A good user interface will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Everything will make sense, even if it is the first time you visit the place. The things are organized and clean, and you won't find a dog's hair in your favorite soup. User Interface is basically how your site interacts with the audience to make it simple. It is not the website's aesthetic appeal; it focuses on the usability of the site.


Examples of Good User Interface

user interface web design

A website with a good user interface is like a great guide that will tell you the right way to proceed. Here are some of the features you should expect with an excellent user interface.


Responsive Feature


The days that a user needs to zoom in to better view the site are over. While zooming may not be tricky, it still indicates that the interaction between the user and the website is poor. Having a responsive web design is essential. It will improve your visibility on search results, and it will also increase the number of visitors who access your site using their mobile devices.


Intuitive Design

 user interface web design

When businesses are developing their website, they should already have their targeted audience in their mind. 

The usability is determined by how the user can easily navigate your website. When you have a poor UI, your audience will not think twice and leave. 

Even the placement of your search box plays a crucial factor in your site's intuitiveness.


Consistent Design


Every element in your website should remain consistent. The tone should be seamless on all pages of your site. Your reader should never feel that they are visiting a different website when just transferring on a separate page of your site. It can also create a uniform navigation system.


Examples of Bad User Interface


A bad user interface is like dropping you in the middle of an abandoned island and letting you find your way out. You will find it hard to achieve your goal since it will not lead you in the right direction.


No Target

 user interface web design

In most cases, the target demographics of a website with poor UI are broad. Whether you are using your website for fun or generating extra income, it is always essential to keep the 80/20 rule in your mind. 80% of your overall sales will be derived from 20% of customers.


Missing Social Interaction


The users will need to be willing to spend an extended period, which increase the engagement level of your site. The best way to do this is to integrate social tools that allow them to comment, like, and share the articles without any trouble.


One thing that you need to remember when designing your site is that most online users will not thoroughly read your website; they will just scan it. If they find it interesting, they will choose to stay and read. Having a great UI should not be complicated; you just need to simplify the focus of your site.

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