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Game Localization will typically occur during the latter stage of the game development. You are probably discovering more issues in your games that will build up unnecessary stress during this stage. Therefore, most game developers choose to hire professional game translation services. While some of the translation errors may be amusing, video games filled with translation errors are doomed to fail.


Game Localization: Doing it the Proper Way

game translation services

The past mistakes on the game translation have taught the industry how essential it is to achieve an accurate translation. However, the game localization is not as simple as translating the documents into another language.


Understand Your Targeted Market


In case you are planning to localize your game, there is a possibility that you are carrying a list of viable gaming industries and markets. However, it does not instantly mean that your game is appropriate for those markets. Before you start the game localization process, you need to be aware of the different facets of the gaming industry in your targeted country. For instance, while the gaming industry of Japan has proved to be profitable, a study shows that a significant percentage of gamers in Japan belong to the younger market since the older audience does not have a lot of time for leisure.


Additionally, you also need to determine if your targeted market has money and that they will be willing to spend it. Will the potential players of your game be able to afford your game? Will they spend money to avail themselves of the game's in-app purchases? Finally, you may also want to consult with the local gamers before looking for translation services. You will understand the market by getting feedback directly from the source.


Consider the Cultural Norms

 Game Localization


Perhaps the costliest mistake that the game localization process can cause would be cultural mistakes. You can end up damaging the company's relationship with the public, which can ruin the image of your business. If your game tackles history, you need to be accurate. Most cultures, especially the Asian cultures, are highly protective of their historical legacy. Including an inaccurate representation of their history will expose you to intense criticism. It should also be applied to the religions and beliefs in the country.


If Possible, Find Gamers that Offers Translation Services

 game translation services

Most game localization company ignores the benefits of hiring local gamers. These native speakers have a profound grasp of the local language. Translation services that have no or little experience in play-in games do not have a complete understanding or background essential in translating the game.


On the off chance that you have no plan in localizing your game, you should still apply the necessary rules during the initial phase of the game development process. It will save you a great deal of time and money once you decide to acquire the help of a game localization company.

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