Fun Ways to Practice Reading

All parents want to make sure that their kids learn the essential skills to help them achieve a happy and productive life. Reading has a direct impact on development. Unfortunately, most kids of today would rather spend their time playing games on their smartphones and watching their favorite TV shows. Encouraging kids to read can be a struggle. The comprehension ability of the kids should be developed at a younger age. Students reading for pleasure perform better on spelling, vocabulary, and math based on the study.


How to Encourage Your Kids to Read

Here are some of the proven practical tips that will help parents encourage their kids to read. These fun ways to practice reading can transform a reluctant reader into a bookworm.


Tell Them Stories

 Fun Ways to Practice Reading

You need to talk to them about what you love reading and the importance of reading. Your kids will not develop an enthusiasm for reading if you are not enthusiastic about it. Start by telling stories and ask them questions from time to time. You should also encourage your kids to tell you stories about the event that unfolds today. 'Business Talk,' which refers to the random conversation of the family, utilizes essential vocabulary words. Discussion of books and storytelling which use a more profound language is known as 'extra talk.'


Provide Him with a Graph or Chart that Shows His Progress

 Fun Ways to Practice Reading

One of the fun ways to practice reading is by introducing a graph or chart that shows the kids their progress. This visual record may include the number of books they managed to read or the questions they answered successfully. You need to keep it appealing. Start by sticking to a particular theme that your kids will find interesting. You may relate it with their favorite video games, wherein they will increase their level as they finish a specific book.


For a more engaging theme, you may create a bingo card that contains the name of the book; after your kid managed to complete the desired pattern, provide him with a reward. It does not necessarily have to be grand. Your kid will appreciate simple incentives such as ice cream.


It Should Not Feel Like a Chore

 Fun Ways to Practice Reading

The reading habit of your kids should not feel like they are completing a chore. They should have a choice. Surround them with a variety of reading materials. Allow your child's particular interest to guide him on his preferred reading material. Never force your preferred concept on your kids.


Finally, you may use technology to encourage your kids to read. Technology has changed the way we learn; it can directly impact the development of our kids. According to a study, the confidence and self-esteem level of the students rose when the school introduced the technology in the classroom. You may also add eReaders that can be adapted based on their specific needs. The importance of reading can lead to a ripple effect in the various areas of our kid's life.

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