Facility Analytics to Make Data-Based Decisions

There is a significant demand placed on gathering and creating data as the system ventures away from traditional practices.  Making decisions contingent upon the data can make a considerable difference when managing the system.  However, the challenge lies in collecting and using the data effectively.  It is where facility analytics can help.  Analytics has transformed into a central core where companies of varying scales measure and analyze their data when making decisions.  Therefore, it is crucial to have a facility manager aside from the custom software to deal with the data efficiently.


The Relationship of Facility Analytics and Facility Manager


facility management analytics

The system, facility analytics, and the managers can be compared to the human anatomy and the doctor; the human body serves as the whole facility, the doctor is the facility manager, and the integrated custom software would be the nervous system.  The analytic platforms provide an opportunity to track the data and examine the facility's actions.  The facility manager acts as a doctor that analyzes its most current state and aims to improve overall wellness through recommendations.  The analytics platform points to specific problems on sections before it even starts.  It can be used as preventative maintenance, saving resources and time.


What are the Benefits of Custom Software

 facility management analytics

The custom software can act as a funnel that will enhance the quality and condition of data.  As these data improve their condition and quality, they become relevant to performing various facility management roles.  For instance, facility managers can be pretty interested with high metrics while the technicians favor the energy consumption of the sub-system.


What Are the Benefits of Facility Analytics

 facility management analytics

One of the most significant advantages of using facility analytics is calculating the cost saving and tracking the utility consumption.  It will help them understand how the facilities are being used.  The extracted data can also be used to create positive changes if necessary.  The custom software can provide total control, a broader perspective on energy consumption, and convenient use for professionals.  The decision can be massively reinforced when people use the data to examine their cost-saving.


A new batch of custom software is set to be released to support the analytics platform.   Some of them are light switches and electrical outlets that collect data on the receptacle rather than on the breaker.  These switches and outlets can be placed or replaced and send the necessary data wirelessly or through electrical wires.  Although this type of practice is not that popular in commercial facilities today, the same approach is already used in litanies of industries, especially in the sector of utility.  Data analytics have already been embedded in different sectors including real estate. This current evolution results from the natural advancement that aims to support the changes in our daily lives.

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