Exciting Things to Do in Porto


Porto is a place that is synonymous with warm people and fantastic food. Though the area is relatively small, this is undoubtedly difficult to ignore due to the different sightseeing opportunities in Porto. Travelers who visit this city are always willing to return to experience the unique things it can offer. Porto has become a significant part of Portugal's tourism with its rich culture, tradition, and notable landmarks. Let us look at some of the incredible things to do in Porto.


The Top Things to Do in Porto



Porto is a historic city now a major center of trade and business. The heart of this city has been declared as a World Heritage Site that will surprise you on how varied the custom and traditions in this area can be. Here are some of the top things to do in Porto that you should not miss.


Cais da Ribeira


Things to Do in Porto

This place may be a bit chaotic, but it is definitely a fun area to explore. The riverside area of Porto is picturesque, where some of the local people choose to converge. It is also filled with restaurants and bars that will give you the authentic taste of Portugal cuisine. Visiting Cais de Ribeira will provide you with lots of opportunities for sightseeing Porto; you will have a great perspective of the Luis I or choose to go to the arcade that will include the perplexing street maze.


Serralves Museum



Located in the western part of Porto, there are different things that you can discover in the Serralves Museum. Admiring the villa's beauty is one of the best things to do in Porto. Established between 1925-1944, this elegant property will mesmerize you. The estate appears to be a luxurious terraced landscape filled with pergolas, well-ordered lawns, and topiaries. You will see the Serralves Museum on the other side of the villa. It houses a great collection of contemporary art from artists like Liam Gillick and Joan Miro.


Sao Francisco Church


Things to Do in Porto

It is the final gothic church located in Porto that was completed in the 1400s. Start wandering around the architecture and ponder the lancet window before heading to the principal fa├žade, where a beautiful rose window decorates the portal. During the 1500s-1700s, the church's interior has gone through different redecoration that gives you a lot of opportunities for sightseeing Porto.


Palacio da Bolsa


Things to Do in Porto

This place can be found near the Sao Francisco church, initially established in 1850. This structure has a neoclassical design that highlights an eclectic interior decorated in the 20th century. The intricate carving and the rich sculpture make it an essential part of Portugal's tourism.


Finally, if you are on a budget journey, you will also be happy to know that there are many free things to do in Porto. There are stunning views that await you in the parks and opportunities to learn about the city's culture and arts. Be sure to add our recommendations to your travelitinerary when you visit Porto.

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