Everyday Carry Items to Keep You Safe

There are some situations when you should be extremely alarmed about your safety.   Due to this increasing concern, investing in a tool to improve your safety and quality of life is essential.   Some people understand that they cannot rely on others for their safety all the time.  Regardless of your situation, equipping yourself with everyday carry items to address your goal, wants, and needs will provide you security, style, convenience, and comfort.


Top Everyday Carry Items to Keep You Safe


EDC Items to Keep You Safe

Before you create a checklist of your must-have EDC item, make sure to check your local laws first.  There are instances when the law prohibits an individual from possessing some of the everyday carry items we included on our list.



 Everyday Carry Items to Keep You Safe

A basic lighter will help you start a campfire that will keep you warm when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.  In addition, it is so compact that it will ideally fit in your pocket.  If you are not a smoker, you will not need a big lighter since the fuel will remain intact for a very long time.  There is a possibility that you will prefer to carry a Zippo since they are more stylish, but we discourage you from doing this.  They don’t hold fuel that long compared to the basic lighter.



 Everyday Carry Items to Keep You Safe

A flashlight (preferably powered with AA or AAA battery) should be included in your everyday carry items Kit.  Ideally, you should find a lighter that is super bright and inexpensive.  Some flashlights are considerably tiny, like the Cree, which will fit into your pocket.   You should also choose a flashlight that emanates a natural light that will not be as annoying as the white light.



 EDC Items to Keep You Safe

A smartphone that can hold a lot of information and has a longer battery juice will help you survive during an emergency.  You need to ensure that you will store essential information on your phone.  It can be used as a compass; it can show you your exact location and provide you with references in medical books.  You may also call for immediate help during a dire situation.


Good Knife


Having a good knife is one of the essential items you should carry.  Perhaps, the possibility of you being involved in an emergency that will require this tool is pretty low. Nonetheless, by possessing a good knife, you can guarantee that you will have something to use during a disastrous and unforeseen situation; you will have fewer things to worry about. On an excellent knife, we recommend something that has S30v steel.  This steel has a higher quality than other metal types, but it is not as costly as the other premium metals.  You should also find a knife with a safety release button.  A knife with a long blade can also work perfectly on different occasions.  If it is foldable, make sure that it will be fixed securely.


Proper assessment of the risk will help you analyze the possible dangers that may occur.  It will aid you in deciding if an item should be in your everyday carry items kit or is just taking valuable space.  The list above will enhance your chances of survival during an emergency or disaster situation.

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