Essential Things to Know About Jewelry


When you want to buy a personal gift for someone dear to you, especially if she is a woman, the first thing that will come to your mind would be jewelry.  Sadly, most of the pieces of jewelry are overpriced.  The most common price of the jewelry is three times its original value, which implies that if you browse a jeweler's brochure and notice a piece of ring that costs $3,000, there is a high possibility that he spent $1,000 to acquire it.  He will then offer you a discount to lure you in buying the jewelry.  You might think that a 20% discount will be a wise decision, but it is not.


Knowing the Basic is Essential


Essential Things to Know About Jewelry

When you plan to buy a trinket, you have to know the basics of any jewelry.  For instance, if you find gold jewelry with a mark of 750, that specifically means that the metal is 750 gold and 250 metal alloys.  The purity of the gold is 75% or 18 karat gold.  The lowest would be a nine-karat gold, mostly considered custom jewelry.


Getting Your Jewelry Appraised


When it comes to appraisal, you need to determine why you need an appraisal and where you can find an appraiser.  There are many reasons why you will need your jewelry appraised, and it does not necessarily mean that you want to sell it.  Perhaps you want to get it insured, or you want to determine its value.  To find an appraiser, it will be wise to search for an association of appraisers to get the expert's service.  They do not essentially carry a certification, but proof that they finished a gemologist program or course is already enough to determine the grade and rarity of colored stones and diamonds.  Some of the things that you need to consider when hiring an appraiser include the cost and the average time it will take, insurance to protect your jewelry in case of damage, the data contained in the appraisal, experience of the appraiser, credibility, training, and level of professionalism.



What Information Must be Added in Appraisal?

 Essential Things to Know About Jewelry

The information included in the appraisal should be complete.  The most common information in the appraisal are the date that the appraisal was conducted, your name and contact information, the purpose of getting the appraisal, and detailed information about the jewelry that is being appraised.  You should also carefully read the disclosure statement before proceeding any further.   When you plan to get your estate jewelry appraised, you need to discuss everything with the appraiser first.  Be vocal about what you want and whether he can provide it to you.  It is a perfect way to avoid miscommunication and other problems.


Selling Your Jewelry


Jewelry is one of the most prized possessions of every woman.  The decision to sell it to get quick cash will never be that easy.  The stress, frustrations, and sadness that come with selling your precious stuff are inevitable.  However, if you are well aware of the factors associated with selling your jewelry, it can remove some stress and make it a lighter experience.  You will be able to receive a fair amount from your precious belongings.


Factors to Consider When Selling Your Jewelry

 Essential Things to Know About Jewelry

There are two factors to determine to get the best price for your jewelry; the option in selling your jewelry and the estimation of the value.  You do not have to be an expert gemologist to determine your gems' asking price.   Doing a little research will help you get the best value out of your jewelry.




You must realize that the pre-loved jewelry will no longer have the same price as new jewelry.  If it is not something that has no high interest in the public and is not unique, the value of the jewelry may depreciate.  Others are also unwilling to have used jewelry, mainly if it symbolizes a momentous event such as an engagement or wedding.  If it is jewelry that is no longer in style, the price of it can also be significantly lower.  The case is different from the antique jewels.  They are considered collectibles, and their price appreciates as time goes by.


Condition of Jewelry

 Tips selling Jewelry

The current condition of the jewelry is also a significant factor when determining the price.  Some damages acquired by the jewelry can be fixed for a small cost.  However, those pieces of ornaments with considerable damage will only be priced on their fundamental value.  When the jewelry needs repair, you have to seek a professional to do it.  It is not something that should be done by an amateur as a single mistake can spell inevitable doom.


Also, you have to restore the brilliance of the jewelry.  Jewelry with dull sparkle will also be getting a low asking price.  The restoration of the trinkets will not cost you much compared to the repair.  However, they can also damage your precious stones.  The refining of the jewelry uses strong chemicals on the gold and may damage the stone.  The refining should also be done in a working environment that observes a strict operational procedure.


Base Metal's Value

 Tips selling Jewelry

The next thing you have to do is calculate the metals' value (silver, gold, or platinum).    It is done by finding the purity of the metal multiplied by the weight.  When it comes to gold, the purity is determined with their karat; platinum is commonly 90%, and silver is 0.925 pure.


Finally, the gem in your jewelry also adds to the value.  You have to find out the rarity and the grade of your gemstone to determine its value.  Be careful when refining the gem; the slightest amount of dent can make your gem a worthless piece of stone.

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